Monday, December 31, 2007

january @ thump

New Exhibit: Carol Sternkopf “The Danger Show” (opens First Friday, January 4, 2008)

Continuing through January: Bear Creek Elementary Young Artists Exhibit; Wishes Redux 2008

The conceptual thread linking Bend-based photographer Carol Sternkopf’s exhibition at Thump Coffee this month stems from two ever-vigilant characters from her youth: The Robot from the classic ’60s TV show, “Lost in Space,” and her mother Harriet. Both figures seemed to find “Danger! Danger!” everywhere.

“This series is to honor fear, whether real, fictional, or somewhere in between,” says Sternkopf. “These photos explore the risks we take throughout life. Bungee jumping, ice climbing, swimming with sharks, boarding an airplane, or simply taking on love — there’s potential loss that might happen from doing any of it.”

Sternkopf dedicates this show to her recently deceased mother, “even though I’m pretty sure she cannot possibly be resting in peace.”

With the help of five Bear Creek Elementary School teachers and their classrooms, Thump Coffee owner Hazel Chapple presented the theme "On A Winter's Night, The Sky Showered Us With Gifts." Students created wrapping paper and constructed the paper into small gift boxes. Then, each artist wrote about a non-material gift they wished to give to their family, school, city, country or planet. “Something to make someone else's life a little better,” Hazel explains. The gift boxes hang from Thump’s ceiling.

Now through the end of February, the public is invited to come by Thump and create a new "Wish Plank" for 2008. Artist Mark Bernahl encourages people to take their new plank of wood home to work on it if they choose. The new wishes will be hung at the end of February.

Go to Thump Coffee.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Local Snowless Skiing Film: "Love Me Cinder"

This just in from my friend Renee Davidson at GrassrootsPR. Jonas Tarlen's video is hilarious - he's also done a Himalayan expedition video, without the Himalayas. What a hoot! -hoc


Local Snowless Skiing Film Released on DVD
"Love Me Cinder" Now Available at Pine Mountain Sports

BEND, Ore. – December 14, 2007 – "Love Me Cinder," a locally-made movie about the adventurous sport of snowless skiing, is now available at Pine Mountain Sports. Filmmaker Jonas Tarlen of Bend debuted the short film at the Powder Hound Preview, which was held in the Tower Theatre on November 28. It was the second installment in Tarlen's snowless-skiing series. The first also debuted at Powder Hound, in 2006.

"Jonas' cinder skiing film was, once again, the crowd favorite," said Dan McGarigle, owner of Pine Mountain Sports, which sponsors Powder Hound. "We had so many requests that we asked him to burn it onto DVD."

Both cinder skiing films are now available on one DVD at Pine Mountain Sports. Discs cost $12 each, and proceeds will help support Tarlen's ski habit. A one-minute movie trailer is available at

Powder Hound is Pine Mountain Sports' annual "Welcome to Winter" party. Hundreds of locals pack the Tower Theatre to watch ski slideshows and movies made by locals. Organizers raffle off thousands of dollars worth of outdoor gear, and proceeds benefit Central Oregon Trail Alliance and Deschutes County Search and Rescue. This year's event raised $2500.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New resort by Mt. Bachelor?

A friend just sent me this while I was working late last night. They're building a new resort up by Mt. Bachelor? -hoc

For Immediate Release

Borealis Resort Development Announces Plans for
Destination Resort Community:

Long-Awaited Luxury Residences and Accommodations Coming to Mt. Bachelor

(BEND, OR - December 14, 2007) Bend-based Borealis Resort Development announced today that it is partnering with Wildland Property, a global resort real estate brokerage based in Plano, Texas, to market and develop Borealis: The Village™. Located on 700 acres just three miles northwest of Mt. Bachelor, Borealis will be the closest community to the ski resort.

“Borealis is a long-awaited dream come to true,” said Sam Hillson, president of Borealis Resort Development. “Ever since Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort began operations in the '50s, people have envisioned the possibility of mountain-side accommodations. We’re finally going to make it a reality.”

Designed for today’s active lifestyles, Borealis Resort will link directly to the slopes of Mt. Bachelor via an extensive network of hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country ski trails. This one-of-a-kind community will also feature a members' clubhouse, a 150-room hotel with 50 adjacent high-end cabins for overnight rentals, a spa, restaurant, meeting space, 379 single-family homes and 210 townhomes. Plans call for an 18-hole championship golf course surrounded by millions of acres of old-growth forests that boast sweeping vistas of icy volcanoes and alpine lakes.

Additionally, Borealis announced that it selected Longmont, CO-based engineering firm Grand Shelters to help create the resort community. Grand Shelters designs are found in mountain locations worldwide. The firm is known for producing elegant structures based on the self-supporting catenary curve, the same architectural form and engineering principles behind the flying buttresses of Europe’s most splendid cathedrals.

Green-building practices and materials will be incorporated throughout the resort, and Borealis will pursue LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. “The environment is our most precious asset, and we must protect it,” Hillson stated. “Everything will blend in seamlessly with the natural landscape.”

The resort’s name was inspired by the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, which are a rarely seen phenomenon in Central Oregon skies. “This rare and special quality is perfectly appropriate to our unique vision for the resort,” Hillson remarked.

Thanks to a wildly successful word-of-mouth campaign, Wildland Property has already begun accepting reservations from eager investors, and Borealis Resort Development plans to complete Phase I of the master-planned community by Spring 2008.

For information, visit, call 541-815-0907 or email For real estate inquiries, contact Wildland Property at 972-607-9480 or email


Media Contacts:
B.C. McCoy, Borealis Resort Development, 541-815-0907,
Neville Williamson, Wildland Property, 972-607-9480,

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Forest Service Road 40/45: Skjersaa Rd.

(photo: left to right, Karen, Greta and Olaf Skjersaa in Meier & Frank catalog photo shot at Hoodoo, circa 1951.)

According to my colleague Anna Johnson at Descutes County, "Following the recent reconstruction of Forest Service Road 40/45, (also known as the Sunriver to Mt. Bachelor road), Deschutes County Commissioners are asking the public for ideas on what to rename the road."

Here's my suggestion:

Skjersaa Rd.
No other single family has contributed more to the development of skiing as an industry in Central Oregon than the Skjersaas: Nils, Olaf, Grace, Karol, Terry, Karen, Greta, Terry Jr. - all of these members of the Skjersaa family were champion skiers, ski industry pioneers, and visionaries who enabled the development of Mt. Bachelor and the ski industry as we know it today in Deschutes County. Most of them still call Central Oregon home. I can't think of a more fitting name for this road.

photo: Skyliners Ski Club nordic team, circa 1930. Olaf is second from right, Nils is wearing #1 fourth from right.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ANNA JOHNSON to express your support of Skjersaa Rd. ONLY contact her to suggest your own name ideas. She is simply compiling a list of submitted names, and the Board of County Commissioners will make the decision:

If you have any information about the Skyliners Ski Club - contact information for surviving members of the elder, "founding" generations in particular, family photos, stories, news clippings, etc., I would love to see and hear about it.

- Harold Olaf (Skjersaa) Cecil

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

december @ thump

NOTE: Go to the Thump Coffee website to sign up for this monthly newsletter:

First Friday Art Walk, December 7, 5pm - 8pm

ART: Empty Bowls Redux
Each fall NeighborImpact (formerly COCAAN), Central Oregon's champion for local economically disadvantaged people, hosts the Empty Bowls project to kick-off National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Hand-thrown bowls created by local artists for the event will be on display at Thump Coffee and available for purchase to raise funds for NeighborImpact's efforts.

For more about NeighborImpact, go to
Read more about the national Empty Bowls project at

ART: Oregon Natural Desert Association 2008 Calendar (continuing through mid-January)
ONDA's annual Calendar Sale raises funds for the local non-profit conservation organization whose mission is to preserve and restore public lands East of the Cascade Mountains. Featuring gorgeous landscape photography donated by shooters such as Greg Burke, Jim Davis, Scott Erickson, Mike Henetz, Bruce Jackson and David Sherrill, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these breathtaking calendars will go directly to ONDA when purchased at Thump Coffee. These calendars make a wonderful holiday gift for anyone who has never seen the stark beauty of Oregon's desertscape.

Learn more about ONDA at

ART: Altered Books Redux
Local artist Mark Bernahl's "Altered Books" are showcased again this month. "I started sculpting into books partly because I am color blind and this limited the type of art I can make," Berhahl explains. "Plus, I always strive for making art that is beautiful and unique."

Bernahl says it takes him approximately a week to carve one of his book sculptures. He chooses the images he carves from the title or the pages in the book. "When I see any book the first thing that comes to my mind is what sculpture is already in it, and can I get it out."

Bernahl's "Wishes" installation has become a fixture at the downtown Bend coffeehouse, and continues to hang from the ceiling because it has been so well received. "When I started making art I could not afford traditional art materials and framing my art was not an option," says Bernahl. "So I started making art that did not have to be framed. This led me to making art in non traditional ways."

Before moving to Bend eight years ago, Bernahl studied architecture in Colorado and Illinois. He is actively involved in Artists Local 101 and recently presented a seminar, "Artist Portfolio on the Web," at the Deschutes County Public Library in Bend.

ART: Wishes Redux 2008
Mark Bernahl's "Wishes" installation takes a bow to make room for Bend's young artists (see Bear Creek story below). Starting on First Friday and continuing through the end of February, people can come in to create a new "Wish Plank" for 2008. Artist Mark Bernahl encourages people to take their new plank of wood home to work on it if they choose. The new wishes will be hung at the end of February.


Mid-December through January: Bear Creek Elementary's Young Artists' Exhibit

ART: "On a Winter's Night, The Sky Showered Us With Gifts" Installation

This month Mark Bernahl's popular "Wishes" installation, which has been hanging from the coffeehouse ceiling since May, will be replaced by enchanting works from nearly 150 Bear Creek Elementary School students.

When choosing a location for downtown coffeehouse Thump Coffee, one goal for owners Kent and Hazel Chapple was that the space allowed them to feature the work of young artists.

"When I taught fourth grade at Bear Creek Elementary in Bend, it struck me that many kids had never been downtown or to Drake Park. They stayed in their area of town," says Hazel. "I wanted to give kids from varying neighborhoods and socioeconomic backgrounds a reason to come downtown — and I wanted them to realize that their art is worthy of being shared with the public."

With the help of five Bear Creek teachers and their classrooms, Hazel presented the theme "On A Winter's Night, The Sky Showered Us With Gifts." Using a variety of printing techniques, the students created wrapping paper to decorate gift boxes (donated by The Foot Zone). Then, each artist wrote about a non-material gift they wished to give to their family, school, city, country or planet. "Something to make someone else's life a little better," Hazel explains. The gift tags are attached to each box, which will hang from Thump's ceiling, along with objects you might see in a winter night, such as stars, planets, snowflakes and moons.

By displaying works by elementary school artists during the holidays, Hazel hopes it might "bring them and their families to witness something to be proud of, their work and their city." Her hope is to feature young artists annually, and to expand it to include more artists from grades K-12.


CUPPING: None this month, the cupper's on vacation.


Featured Cup: El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro Direct Trade
According to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Finca Kilimanjaro is the first-ever grand prize winner in the history of the El Salvador Cup of Excellence: "Since her 2003 victory Aida Batlle has maximized the potential of her SL28 coffee trees (hence the reference to Mt. Kilimanjaro, one of the original planting sights of the famous seed varietal) through vigorous commitment to picking and processing. Her family's farm, purchased by her father Mauricio in 1973, is perched along the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano in Central El Salvador. With altitudes ranging between 1580 and 1720 meters above sea level, Finca Kilimanjaro truly soars to heights above the rest. Finca Kilimanjaro's silken texture overlays flavors of red currant, cherry jolly rancher and rosé with a delicate perfume aroma."


Thumpology: Direct Trade
Thump is most fortunate to work with a coffee roasting company (Stumptown Coffee Roasters) who searches the world for the finest coffees — and for farmers who treat both their land and their employees with integrity. Stumptown builds lasting relationships with these farmers, visiting them multiple times a year and paying them directly, at least double Fair Trade prices. This insures that the farmers and their workers are paid equitably and that they have the financial resources to maintain and develop their farming infrastructure. When you see the words "Direct Trade" next to one of the coffees offered at Thump, know that Stumptown works directly with this coffee farm, paying them generously for their outstanding coffee. In turn, these farmers are paying their workers equitably and are committed to using sustainable
farming methods.


Thump Coffee is located downtown Bend at 25 NW Minnesota Ave. For more information, call 388-0226 or visit

Source's Laurie J. Rice Reviews Jackalope Grill

I ordered the rouladen because I had never seen it on a menu before, and I wasn't quite sure when or where I might have the chance to try it again. I loved it. The combination of flavors - meaty rich, salty with a subtle sour twang - was far better than I could have imagined. Chef Tim really knows food. -hoc

Defying The Adages: Expecting the unexpected at the Jackalope Grill

by Laurie J. Rice
The Source Weekly - Wednesday, 28 November 2007

You’ve never had a pickle this good - Jackalope’s Beef Rouladen.

So often we hear that location is everything for a restaurant. If it’s not in a good spot, death is inevitable once the initial curiosity has worn thin. Then there are those restaurants like Zydeco – perched between a car dealership and a fast food restaurant – and Kokanee Café – located in a beautiful setting, but an hour from most of the area’s population – that have defied that adage. Another of these location-challenged, but successful, restaurants is the Jackalope Grill, which I visited recently with a friend who had deemed it the best restaurant in the area.

From a marketing standpoint, the strip mall location and commonplace bones of the space are big deterrents. Those same weaknesses become strengths when viewed through the lens of convenience. The restaurant is right off Highway 97 and offers ample parking. As a result, getting there can be less stressful and time consuming than dining downtown.
Inside Jackalope, owner Kathy Garling has made the most of the interior. Charming and comfortable in a homey, unpretentious but upscale way, the acoustic tiles are partly hidden by drapes of gauzy blue linen and twinkly star shaped lights float over each table. Red and gold walls bring a soothing touch while tiny lights interwoven into the spiky snake plants make a clever privacy screen between the dining room and the entrance. Between the carpeted floor and the soft materials used throughout, the sound level stays at a comfortable din – busy and cheery, but never deafening.

My dining companion and I found ourselves in a comfortable booth looking over the Jackalope Grill menu while the knowledgeable server told us about the specials. It was a Friday night, a little before the 7 p.m. dinner hour, but still the place was almost full; by 7:30 there was not an empty seat.

We perused the 18-page, well-organized wine list emblazoned with the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence seal the restaurant recently received and decided to leave the choice up to owner Garling. The variety of wines is well rounded and at good price points ranging from $20 - $250. There is a balanced selection between the high cost and more economical wines, featuring some bottles I’ve rarely seen on other Central Oregon wine lists. After a quick description of what we wanted—a full, smooth red with a big finish—Kathy brought us a 2004 Chateau Pesquie Cotes du Ventoux Cuvees des Terressas from the Rhone Valley in France, a $29 bottle of wine with the distinct character and lushness of a more expensive bottle.

Next came a salad my friend and I opted to split. Recently I have steered clear of salads, finding that many have been subjected to either a heavy or stingy hand in the dressing department. This salad, I’m happy to say, was perfectly dressed with a pear vinaigrette complimenting the Northwest flavors of field greens, blue cheese, hazelnuts and dried cranberries.

The meal was nicely paced with a few minutes to sip wine between our salad and entrees. Stylishly plated, our entrees tasted as good as they looked. My companion’s Filet Mignon was beautifully rare with the right amount of rich, green peppercorn sauce brightened with a touch of brandy.

I ordered a traditional German dish off the special list that I’d never tasted. Chef Timothy Garling rolls thin pieces of Oregon flank steak around bacon, onions and, yes, pickles to create a classic Beef Roulade. It sounds strange but it tastes great. The pickles add a bit of umph, but don’t take over. And bacon, of course, makes everything it touches that much better. Served with it’s own juices, a big portion of tender spaetzle and some tart red cabbage, I can’t think when I’ve enjoyed the lowly pickle as much.

We finished our meal with a homemade macadamia coconut ice cream filled with whole nuts and creamy coconut milk, and a juicy pear tart with some of the flakiest crust I’ve ever tasted.

You’ve got to hand it to any restaurant that can serve up an amazing haute Northwest cuisine experience while sharing a parking lot with Blockbuster Video. Once again Jackalope Grill has defied all adages and proves that location is less important to success than the overall experience.

Jackalope Grill

1245 S Hwy 97, 318-8435

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Free Speech Card

My friend and client, Bend artist Mare Schelz (Bonfire Glass Tile), just posted this video. She and a friend produced the clip - and a series of original silk-screened T-shirts - as part of a free speech project inspired by the Dixie Chicks-like protest by a team of women representing the United States at the world bridge championships in Shanghai last month. Thank goodness for the librarians, musicians, and yes, even bridge players who value truly American values, such as freedom of speech, above their own personal comfort and convenience. Agree? Disagree? Either way, it's our right and privilege to express freely what we think and feel.

Read the 11/14 New York Times article, "Anti-Bush Sign Has Bridge World in an Uproar"

It looks like Mare's still working getting her website up, but in the meantime, you can contact her at

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

12/8 SPIRAL Foundation Holiday Bazaar

Worthy project. If you're buying holiday gifts, make your dollars make
a difference. -HOC

12/8 SPIRAL Foundation Holiday Bazaar

Saturday, December 8th from 10am to 4pm
Mountain Laurel Lodge – Ponderosa Room
990 Yates Drive, Bend
(541) 350-4159

If you've been to the Spiral Foundation in the past, then you're
already coming on Saturday, no doubt. You already know that everything
for sale is either beautiful or fun, and most of it is both – and also
that by shopping here, you are making the world better.

Consider this: Due to the beautiful baskets and door mats made of
recycled trash that you've bought at Spiral, there is now no more trash
in the Nepalese village of Tippin. No more trash – they have to get
it from neighboring villages to continue their craft, and now the
neighboring villages suddenly find themselves clean as well.

This year there are some silks from Cambodia. The dyes are all
natural, and mostly traditional-except for one unusual gray-brown, made
from boiling the landmines and guns that littered this lad after the
Vietnam War.

Most of the children who receive operations paid for by Spiral need
them because of birth defects tied to Agent Orange. It seems both
fitting and proper that we try to right a few of these wrongs.

The amazing thing is how both easy and wonderful it is to do so.
Everything you buy is made in workshops in Vietnam or Nepal, where the
money is then returned. There are the beautiful scarves, wool and
silk, yak-hair bags and sewing kits. Baskets made from colorful
telephone wire. Slippers, angora gloves and so much more. Join us on
Saturday and make a difference in the world.

Bests to all,
Marlene Hasler and Kathi Antolak
(541) 350-4159

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jackalope Grill & WineStyles Present Autumn Winemakers Dinner

EVENT DATE: Sunday, November 18

(BEND, OR) As famed British wine critic Michael Broadbent once wrote, “Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures.” In this spirit, the Jackalope Grill’s Chef Timothy Garling has partnered with Bend WineStyles to present an Autumn Winemakers Dinner on Sunday, November 18. Starting at 6:00 p.m., a special six-course menu will be served with domestic and imported wines selected to pair perfectly with each dish.

(photo courtesy of Paula Watts and Gusto)

The Autumn Winemakers Dinner Menu includes:
• Oyster Rockefeller
• Winter Squash Soup (with scotch cream)
• Pan-Seared Day Boat Scallop (with forbidden rice and citrus beurre blanc)
• Cascade Natural Petite Beef Tender (with roast garlic crushed potatoes, haricots verts, cabernet-thyme jus)
• Green Salad (gathered greens, champagne vinaigrette)
• Oregon Pear Croustade (with vanilla ice cream)

As each course and its accompanying wine selection are served, WineStyles owners Luiz and Jill Souto-Maior will discuss the wine, its characteristics and why it was paired with the dish.

Cost is $85 including gratuity. Reservations are required, please call 541-318-8435. For information visit or

The Jackalope Grill is located just off Reed Market road in the Scandia Plaza, 1245 SE Third St. (S. Hwy. 97) in Bend.

Monday, November 5, 2007

11/11 Make Postcards, Support Vima Lupwa Homes

This is from Container Antiques:

We are offering a special class where all proceeds will benefit Lupwa Homes. Malerie Pratt will join us to share her story and to answer any questions. Participants will create one or a series of postcards to send to the kids at the Vima Lupwa Home along with greetings.

Cost $35.00
Class will be held Sunday November 11th
1:00 -4:00 in the afternoon. Reservations must be made by Friday, November 9th.

This is a charity class and registration will be done with Amy or Ellen at Container Antiques. Please call them to reserve your spot. Check payable to Lupwa homes due before class begins. Upon registration participant will be given a supply list.

Container Antiques
50 Southeast Scott St.
Bend, Oregon 97701
(541) 382-1785

Kids Cooking Class Highlights Holiday Candy Making

EVENT DATE: Monday, Nov. 19

Entrees Made Easy Invites Kids Ages 8-14 to Make A Mess In Their Kitchen

(BEND, OR) Kids can live out their Willy Wonka candy-making fantasies in Entrees Made Easy’s upcoming Kids Cooking Class. On Monday, November 19, from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., aspiring chefs ages 8-14 are invited to make a mess in the Entrees Made Easy kitchen (while secretly learning real cooking and nutrition skills).

Each young chef will assemble three ready-to-cook entrees to take home and share with their families. Kids can choose meals from Entrees Made Easy’s regular menu or from a selection of special Thanksgiving side dishes. Lunch will also be served, so parents can take a break to start holiday shopping or simply go out to lunch and relax.

Then comes the candy making. An assortment of holiday chocolates will be explored and enjoyed, including pecan turtles, decorated chocolate-covered Oreo "pops" and other surprises.

The only cost to participate is the purchase of the dinners: $58 for three half entrees (each serves 2-3 adults) or $88 for three full entrees (each serves 4-6 adults). To sign up, go to and select the Bend location.

Kids love to cook. Especially when it’s a fun, interactive experience — and parents aren’t standing over their shoulders complaining about the mess. Kids Cooking Classes provide the opportunity for kids to expand their food preparation skills well beyond cold cereal and microwave popcorn. They learn all the steps of preparing healthy, fresh meals, and then they can proudly share their work by feeding the entire family.

This fun and unique learning experience teaches kids:
• Healthy Eating Guidelines
• Kitchen Safety
• How to Follow Recipes
• Basic Food & Meal Preparation
• Table Manners

For more information, call 317-4159.

11/12 Jackalope Grill Cooking Class: "Hosting a Party and Enjoying It Too."

Monday, November 12, 6:00 pm

(NOTE: Only six spaces available, reservations required - these classes sell out quickly.)

Join The Jackalope Grill's Chef Timothy Garling for an evening of great food, wine and secrets for "Hosting a Party and Enjoying It Too." The class includes wine and hors d’oeuvres, demonstration and hands-on preparation in the kitchen, handouts with recipes and techniques and sampling of menu dishes paired with wine and/or beer.

Class starts at 6:00 pm at The Jackalope Grill and are limited to just six participants. Cost is $50 for an individual or $75 for two. To reserve a space, call The Jackalope Grill at 541-318-8435. For locations and info, go to:

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Make My Logo Bigger Cream

How does bad design/advertising/marketing happen? Here's a very funny explanation:
Make My Logo Bigger Cream

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bend Artist Among 10 Finalists in Canon Photo Contest

My friend and colleague Chuck Moser just sent this. His photo is a stunner. -hoc

Hello. I entered a photo contest, and am in the top ten. If I win, I get a few grand in camera gear.

When you have time, go here.

And vote for your favorite. Mine isn’t wildlife, and is on page two. It’s called "God’s Lantern." When you vote, you’re entered to win some cameras and stuff from Canon.

Of course, if you think another one is better, you should vote for that, but keep in mind I have guns. Anyway, vote for your favorite.

Chuck Moser Design
541 318 0334

Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild 9th Annual Collaborative Show

Just got this from Steven Douglas. This First Friday is shaping up to be a great one. -hoc

Show Opening: This Friday, November 2

(Bend, OR) Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild, COMAG , will host an opening reception for its 9th annual collaborative show, this Friday, November 2, from 5:00-9:00 pm at Saxons in the Old Mill next to the smoke stacks. The yearly show has evolved into a collaborative effort, where COMAG’s members team up with one another to create diverse works of art and jewelry in metal. COMAG members work is as diverse as the mediums in which they meddle.

The group began as a handful of jewelers who found they spent a fair amount of time on the phone trading information about vendors, tools and techniques. This in turn led to a formal meeting time at local pubs, which in turn evolved into meetings that now regularly have attendances of over thirty interested metal artists. The members' mediums range from precious metal clay (PMC) to traditional jewelers, blacksmiths, bronze casters, metal fabricators and welders. Each sector represents a diverse group of gender, skill level and approach that when combined, provides for some creative solutions and possibilities.

The group’s mission statement: “COMAG is dedicated to the promotion of education, information and collaboration in the metal arts and crafts.” All participating members will be on hand to speak informally about their finished pieces or techniques. This will also be a great time to inquire about joining COMAG. So grab a friend and come on out and join us this Friday, November 2 at 5:00 for an evening of hors d'oeuvres, libations and art. The show will run throughout the month of November.

For information about COMAG, contact Steven Douglas.

Click here for a listing of First Friday Gallery Walk events. (See Chuck, I used the proper "Gallery Walk" name just for you. -hoc)

Entrees Made Easy on AM Northwest

Karen Schmidlin, owner of the Entrees Made Easy in Hillsboro, made a guest appearance on KATU's "AM Northwest" program this week. She did a great job explaining the many benefits of the meal prep concept in general, as well as Entrees Made Easy's fresh difference.

Click here to view the video clip.

Click here for the Bend Entrees Made Easy page.

Friday, October 26, 2007

This Sunday: "Live With Purpose, Party With A Cause"

Obo Addy alone is worth the ticket price to get into this super-cool benefit concert and fundraiser. Throw in David Bowers, killer auction items and raffle prizes and it's an amazing deal. Then consider that for the cost of a pizza, you can have a direct, positive impact on the lives of 10 desperately poor orphan kids. Now you're truly partying with a cause!

Get the details here.

Get tix @ Thump Coffee and Douglas Jewelry downtown Bend on Minnesota.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

november @ thump

First Friday Art Walk: Friday, November 2 (and continuing throughout November)

ART: Mark Bernahl's "Altered Books" and Artists Local 101's "Altered Stations"

Local artist Mark Bernahl displays his "Altered Books" this month. "I started sculpting into books partly because I am color blind and this limited the type of art I can make," Berhahl explains. "Plus, I always strive for making art that is beautiful and unique."

Bernahl says it takes him approximately a week to carve one of his book sculptures. He chooses the images he carves from the title or the pages in the book. "When I see any book the first thing that comes to my mind is what sculpture is already in it, and can I get it out."

Bernahl's "Wishes" installation has become a fixture at the downtown Bend coffeehouse, and continues to hang from the ceiling because it has been so well received. "When I started making art I could not afford traditional art materials and framing my art was not an option," says Bernahl. "So I started making art that did not have to be framed. This led me to making art in non traditional ways."

Before moving to Bend eight years ago, Bernahl studied architecture in Colorado and Illinois. He is actively involved in Artists Local 101 and recently presented a seminar, "Artist Portfolio on the Web," at the Deschutes County Public Library in Bend.

Read more about Mark Bernahl.

ART: Artists Local 101's "Altered Stations"

Artists Local 101 is a "hard-working band of art rebels dedicated to instigating and promoting contemporary and outsider art in Central Oregon, taking art out into the streets, and providing opportunities for artists and the community to experience art in the everyday."

During November, the group members put their own unique spin on the elaborate alters lovingly constructed to honor passed family and friends during Mexico's traditional celebration, Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Entitled "Altered Stations," each artist creates a personal shrine or alter which is on display at various locations. We
will have at least one of them here, as well as maps for self-guided tours of the other works.

Read more about Artists Local 101.

Sunday, November 18, 1:30-2:30pm

CUPPING: Coffee Tasting

Our cuppings are meant to be fun - not wine tasting snobbery. Although it is serious business, as you can tell from this description by the aptly named

"Taste can be a very fleeting sensation, and in the span of microseconds many flavors will wash across the palate at the same time. The challenge is to become skilled at noticing, identifying, and describing those flavor sensations in a way that is meaningful to you.

"A wide range of vocabulary can be used to describe the tastes found in coffee. Descriptors range from the familiar (chocolatey, sweet, fruity) to the conceptual (clean, vibrant, sturdy) to the wildly esoteric (summery, racy, gentlemanly). I've heard coffees compared to Kevin Costner, Honda Accords, and cold winter nights.

"What matters is that the description is purposeful and attempts to communicate the essential nature of the coffee using language that people can relate to. Taste can be a very personal experience, and memories of tastes that you've experienced in the past form the background against which new tastes are evaluated and understood."

Read more about cupping.

thump coffee is located at 25 NW Minnesota Ave. in downtown Bend.
Please visit or call 388-0226.

Bend High Culinary Students Feed Students in Need

EVENT DATE/TIME: October 30, 3:30-4:40 p.m.
LOCATION: Entrees Made Easy, in the Bend River Promenade, next to Macy’s

(Bend, OR) Students from Louise Markland’s Bend High School Culinary Arts program will donate their time and skills to prepare meals for fellow students in need. Working in the Entrees Made Easy kitchen and using fresh ingredients donated by the business, students will assemble ready-to-cook meals for the local Family Access Network (FAN) program.

Brenda Rachels, FAN advocate for Bend High and Mountain View High students, will help deliver the meals to students and their families who need this vital community support.

FAN works within our local schools — the Bend-LaPine, Redmond and Sisters districts — to link children and families to critical support, such as nutritious meals, dental work, job opportunities, clothing, rent assistance, childcare support, health insurance, or whatever the child needs.

Entrees Made Easy
recently launched a year-long effort to ‘adopt’ 10 children each month by donating the funds necessary to fund FAN advocates for them. A FAN advocate can provide services to one student for an entire year for just $100. According to FAN program director Julie Lyche, FAN especially needs community support right now because of reduced funding and a growing school population.

Last year, the Bend High Culinary Team won the National Culinary Management Championships. Six students from the Culinary Arts program, 16- and 17-year-olds, volunteered for the meal preparation project.

Monday, October 22, 2007

10 Most Important Principles That Helped Make Me Successful

I ran across this list shortly after I returned to working on my own again in June 2006. Because it so closely matches my own perspective on working life, I immediately printed it and hung it on my office wall - where it's been since. -HOC

10 Most Important Principles That Helped Make Me Successful
by Ray Kappe architect, planner, and educator

1. Think positively, not negatively.

2. Accept structure but know that it is to be questioned and broken when necessary.

3. Always be willing to explore, experiment and invent. Do not accept the status quo.

4. Know yourself and keep your work consistent with who you are and how you think.

5. Maintain good moral and social values.

6. Be humble, honest, compassionate, and egalitarian.

7. Have conviction about your work.

8. Be open and say yes to most ideas and requests. The good ones will be valuable, the bad ones will cease to exist.

9. Allow employees and fellow workers freedom and the ability to work to their strengths. Avoid hierarchy.

10. Money should be the residual of work, not the goal. But do not compromise your worth.

Friday, October 19, 2007

New Project: Carol Sternkopf Photography

There's something magical about a great portrait. It takes a keen eye and superb artistic vision to create one that rises above the mundane. From the Dutch masters' oil paintings to Annie Liebowitz's celebrity photographs, the most arresting people-pictures capture something of the essence of the individual and their personality. A simple gesture, a moment of completely candid emotion, a setting, an object, an article of clothing - small details bring portraiture to life.

I'm currently collaborating with Carlos Perez at Perez design on a website update for Bend-based photographer Carol Sternkopf. Carol is a truly gifted portrait photographer. Her formal fine arts training in drawing shines through the lens of 20 years experience as a pro shooter.

Of course, Carol shoots more than portraits - fine art photography, photo illustration and editorial work are well represented in her portfolio. And it all glimmers with the touch of an artist's hand.

Now, if I can help convey some of that magic in the website . . .

Last Minute Reminder: COTA Biketoberfest tomorrow

If you're like me and not able to help with the trailwork (I have kids' soccer games on Saturday), then try to make it to the party and re-up your membership. -hoc

This is from Chris @ COTA:

Biketoberfest - our big annual trailwork day is this Saturday the 20th.

Meet at: 8AM Saturday 20th - Mt. Bachelor's Park and Ride on the corner of Simpson and Columbia Avenues.

Bring: Yourself and your riding buddies. A hydration pack with water and a few snacks. Eye protection (riding glasses), gloves and sturdy footwear.

Tools: COTA will provide the bulk of the tools. If you have your own trail work tool bring it.

Party! COTA will host a post-work party at the park and ride with a BBQ and beverages for all the workers. The plan is to have all crews back at the Park and Ride by 2pm for the festivities.

Signups: COTA has a variety of trail projects lined up for the day. Saturday morning you will be given the option to choose what you would like to work on for the day. Here's a partial list of what we're hoping to accomplish-

Farewell: tread repair - hike in up to a mile from Tumalo Falls TH
Mrazek: trail realignment and tread repair. Short hike.
South Fork: tread repair - hike up to a mile from Tumalo Falls TH
Upper Whoops: re-alignment and tread repair - 1/2 mile hike in.
Lower Whoops: tread repair.
Storm King: a variety of projects including brush work. Driving to multiple work sites.
Ben's Trail: re-alignment of user-built go-arounds.
Slalom Play Loop: Buffing out this awesome zone.
The Lair: Work continues on Oregon's newest freeride zone!
Flagline: tread repair and new features. This will require bikes. Please send an email to: lissettenz(at) to confirm a place with this crew. This crew is only for those who are dedicated - expect bad weather, hard work, and a possibly a longer day.

Looking forward to another productive day putting our trails back together for the winter. See you there.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wonder Worman - Central Oregon's New Vermiculture Source

(Bend, OR) Nature's perfect little composting machine, the Red Wiggler earthworm, has been championed by a new green super hero, Wonder Worman. With the expert help of Wonder Worman and her trusty sidekicks, any citizen can now do his or her part to reduce landfill waste. Why throw away those kitchen scraps when Wonder Worman and her army of Red Wigglers can convert that trash into treasure?

Start a worm bin now in your garage or greenhouse, and harness the super compost-making power of the Red Wigglers all winter long. Come spring, you'll have a bin full of rich, natural compost for flower or vegetable gardens.

Don't have a worm bin? Never fear, Wonder Worman can give you easy-to-follow plans to build one from commonly available materails and a few simple tools. For details, contact Wonder Worman's unassuming alter-ego, Laurie the Red Wiggler Merchant at 541-390-7610, or go to her temporary website for an email link:

Monday, October 15, 2007

Western Soundscapes by Jeff Rice

In my lifetime, I've have had the privilege of knowing a handful of people who are truly geniuses. My friend Jeff Rice is one of them. I was really pleased to get an email from him recently about grant funding finally coming through for his new project. Here's the description:

"Western Soundscapes is a searchable web-based audio archive with a focus on the natural sounds of the western United States. Currently in the pilot phase, the project includes more than 600 recordings of regional wildlife and ambient soundscapes. The archive is housed at the University of Utah's J. Willard Marriott Library and features recordings contributed by volunteers, state and federal agencies, and conservation groups."

Biketoberfest Trail Party 10/20

(Bend, OR) If you ride a mountain bike on Central Oregon's famed trails, then please do your part to support the Central Oregon Trail Alliance. They are the reason we enjoy one of the country's most extensive networks of trails.

Please pitch in this weekend for the Fifth Annual Biketoberfest, a day of trail maintenance, bikes and brews this Saturday, October 20. If you can't help with the trails, then at least show up to the party and pay your dues to become a member. As a mountain biker, this is the best time and money you can spend. For details, go to

blake @ 9

My son Blake Robert Hanford Cecil, the oldest of my two children, was born nine years ago this morning. My friend Mark Yaconelli told me when Blake was born that he would become my greatest teacher. He was right.

Everyday I learn lessons from my son - he's compassionate, intelligent, loving, sensitive and funny. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

Lisa Copenhagen Wachs Painting Selected for "Spirit of Our NW Forests" Exhibit Poster

(Tumalo, Ore) "Evening Aura," an oil painting by Lisa Copenhagen Wachs, was recently selected to be featured on the poster for "The Spirit of Our NW Forests" exhibit at the Central Oregon Community College Barber Library Rotunda Gallery.

The exhibit, which honors the college's forestry program, focuses on the beauty of wood, wildlife and water within the forest environment. The works of more than 40 artists from Central Oregon, Eugene, Springfield and Seattle were selected. The exhibit includes works in stone, oil, watercolor, pastels, wood and bronze.

"The Spirit of Our NW Forests" show was juried by local painter, Ken Roth, who studied under master Sebastian Capella. His paintings, which reflect his interest in nature, light and color, are shown in galleries throughout the West.

Inspired by old-growth ponderosa and juniper on her property in Tumalo, "Evening Aura" is one of two Copenhagen Wachs oil paintings chosen by Roth for the exhibit.

"The Spirit of Our Northwest Forests" exhibit will be displayed at the Library Rotunda Gallery through Oct. 25.

For information, go to or call 383-7564.

:: About Lisa Copenhagen Wachs
Tumalo artist Lisa Wachs has been a fixture on the local art scene for more than a decade. She works as a self-employed graphic designer and fine artist and has worked and lived in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco and Taos, New Mexico before settling in the Bend area in 1992. Lisa paints primarily in oils and works in mixed media collage/assemblage. She works in her Tumalo studio, a renovated milking barn that overlooks the high desert landscape. The surrounding abundance of wildlife and nature in general, continue to be an inspiration for her artwork, which has sometimes been described as "Northwest Mystic" in style.

For more on Lisa Copenhagen Wachs, go to:

Media Contact:
Harold Olaf Cecil, Ad HOC, 541-815-9829

NOTE: Please contact us for a print-quality photo of "Evening Aura."


Friday, October 12, 2007

Jackalope Grill Serving Special Oregon Bounty Prix Fixe Menu Throughout October & November

(BEND, OR) During October and November, The Jackalope Grill is serving a special three-course Oregon Bounty Prix Fixe Menu pairing fresh, local ingredients with Oregon wines. Oregon Bounty is a two-month celebration of Oregon's many culinary artisans and tasteful destinations. The Oregon Bounty dinner is $45, or $35 without wine.

The first course consists of a field salad of gathered greens, Rogue blue cheese, roasted Oregon hazelnuts and Champagne-Pear Vinaigrette served with Chehalem Pinot Noir.

The second course features grilled house-made German-style sausage, warm potato salad, pinot noir-braised red cabbage and Ingelhoffer mustard served withYamhill Pinot Noir.

The third course finishes with Oregon pear tatin with a Maragas Muscat wine reduction and homemade vanilla ice cream paired with Maragas Muscat Canelli.

The Jackalope Grill is located just off Reed Market road in the Scandia Plaza, 1245 SE Third St. (S. Hwy. 97) in Bend. Dinner is served beginning at 5:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. For reservations, call 541-318-8435 or visit

For more about Oregon Bounty, go to

Media Contact:
Harold Olaf Cecil, Ad HOC, 541-815-9829


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rookie Sidekick All-In-One Updated

The Rookie Sidekick All-In-One Portable Motorized Fire Hose Roller Now Rolls Any Size Fire Hose Up To 7-1/4 Inch Diameter

(Bend, OR) Deschutes River Manufacturing has improved its widely used portable motorized fire hose roller, The Rookie Sidekick All-In-One (AIO). By simply moving two pins, the updated AIO instantly adjusts to roll hose of any diameter, from 1-1/2 to 7-1/4 inches.

"We used the Rookie SideKick rollers during clean up duties last week and it was phenomenal," says Nancy Koerperich, division chief and director of fire training at the CAL FIRE Training Academy in Ione, near Sacramento, Calif. "A job that usually takes all day with a crew of six was cut down to four hours with a team of two. It was great."

In recent months, The Rookie SideKick fire hose rollers have been purchased by wildland, municipal and industrial customers, including ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Complex, Marathon Oil Garyville (La.) Refinery, Butte County (Calif.) Fire & Rescue, the National Interagency Fire
Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho, Bend (Ore.) Fire & Rescue, Pratt & Whitney Fire Department in East Hartford, Ct. and others.

"To accommodate the needs of our industrial customers and larger municipal departments, we've improved The Rookie Sidekick All-In-One (AIO) to handle up to 7-1/4 diameter fire hose," explains David Johnston, owner of Deschutes River Manufacturing. "Even with these big, heavy hoses, a single firefighter can now quickly, safely and perfectly roll one hose length after another."

The Rookie Sidekick AIO hose rollers and The Rookie Reloader re-decking system are available to put through the paces without obligation to buy through a 30-day trial program. All Sidekick models are equipped with either a Honda gas engine or Baldor electric motor. Larger electric models feature variable-speed controls.

The Rookie Reloader is an optional re-loading rack that transforms the portable stand into an efficient hose handling system. The equipment allows firefighters to effortlessly transport rolled hoses and it reduces the labor needed to re-load hose back on to the engines.

The Rookie products are OHSA-inspected. All products can be ordered directly from Deschutes River Manufacturing, and the original Rookie units are available through the GSA system (GSA orders do not qualify for the 30-day trial). For more information, visit or call 541-480-5967 or toll free 877-868-1951.

Media Contact:
Harold Olaf Cecil, Ad HOC, 541-815-9829

Monday, October 8, 2007

Live With Purpose, Party With A Cause

"Live With Purpose, Party With A Cause" Benefit Concert & Silent Auction

Featuring Master African Drummer Obo Addy, Local Slide Guitarist David Bowers

(Bend, OR) Rarely does a night of live world beat music and fine art in Bend directly improve the lives of desperately poor children living half a world away. "Live With Purpose, Party With A Cause," a fund raising event for locally based grassroots nonprofit Vima Lupwa Homes, promises to deliver on both.

Sunday, October 28, at the Domino Room, master African drummer Obo Addy headlines an evening of music and art, a silent auction and raffles of cool schwag. Doors open and silent auction and raffle items will be available for viewing and bidding beginning at 6:00 pm, with music featuring local slide guitar wiz David Bowers beginning at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

Proceeds from the evening go directly toward meeting and sustaining the daily basic needs of Zambian orphan children living in their new home, the Vima Lupwa Home. Ensuring the children's continued health, providing education and job skills, maintaining their garden and chickens for food as well as for income, providing bicycles for transportation and supporting their new bicycle repair business are all components of Vima Lupwa's plan to make the home self-sustaining over time.

21-year-old Central Oregon Community College student and Bend native, Malerie Pratt, founded Vima Lupwa Homes. "She's not one of those super-liberal weeping heart people that's all talk, no action," Joyce Boone, Pratt's high school English teacher, recently told The Bulletin. "She just believes in people and that's why I think she's been so successful. She thinks, 'What do they need and how can I get it to them?'"

For details or to make donations, visit

Tickets are available downtown Bend at Douglas Fine Jewelry Design in
St. Clair Place on Minnesota Ave., 541-389-2901, and at Thump Coffee at
25 Minnesota Ave., 388-0226.

The Domino Room is located at 51 NW Greenwood Ave. in Bend, phone

Live With Purpose, Party With A Cause is sponsored by the Sanders-Vega Family, Douglas Fine Jewelry Design, Tyler & Studebaker, Willis Builders, The Jackalope Grill and Kialoa.

:: For more about Obo Addy and his music, visit

:: For more about David Bowers, see

:: For more about the Vima Lupwa Homes project, go to
Phone: 541-420-9634

Media Contact:
Harold Olaf Cecil, Ad HOC, 541-815-9829


Friday, October 5, 2007

catering that doesn't break the bank

Cost-Conscious Catering For Meetings & Events Added to Menu

(BEND, OR) Affordably feeding a business or family gathering can be a
daunting task. Serving delicious food that makes everyone happy can be
tricky, and traditional catering services can be expensive. Several
local businesses recently discovered a new way to offer great food at
meetings and events without breaking the bank.

Therapeutic Associates, Old Mill Mortgage and Dana Signs are among
those who have recently fed crowd-pleasing meals to groups of 10 to
120-plus with help from Entrees Made Easy's new catering service.

"We used Entrees Made Easy for a surprise luncheon for an employee's
25-year anniversary," says Marsha Bechtold, Therapeutic Associates.
"The food was beautifully prepared, it was very tasty, and the service
was awesome. It's a good value."

For about the same cost per serving as fast food, Entrees Made Easy
prepares hors d'oeuvres, entrees, side dishes and desserts from fresh
ingredients in its restaurant kitchen. Then, it delivers, sets up,
serves the group and cleans up the mess.

During the summer, Old Mill Mortgage helped host an Oregon Association
of Mortgage Professionals event. "We estimated 45 people would attend,
and we got 120-plus. Entrees Made Easy really came through in a pinch,"
says Shelly Ann Turner of Old Mill Mortgage. "The food was delicious,
prepared on the spot, and got good reviews from members."

Although preparing ready-to-cook dinners for busy families remains the
focus at Entrees Made Easy, the catering service has provided an
opportunity for entirely new groups of people to experience the quality
of the food and service first-hand.

"We used Entrees Made Easy for our Chamber ribbon cutting, and budget
was an issue," says Judy Grenfell of Dana Signs. "They showed up with
everything, it was very reasonable and the food was great."

Besides business functions, company meetings, celebrations, seminars
and parties, Entrees Made Easy can also add a special touch to other
group get-togethers. Reunions, clubs, neighborhood parties, showers,
weddings and other occasions can offer friends, family and guests great
tasting, affordable food.

For pricing and menus, call Entrees Made Easy at 317-4159.

Media Contact:
Harold Olaf Cecil, Ad HOC, 541-815-9829

Thursday, October 4, 2007

It all starts here

Thanks Michelle Sobala at Organic Webs for helping me move past talking about setting up a blog, and actually getting it up and running.