Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wonder Worman - Central Oregon's New Vermiculture Source

(Bend, OR) Nature's perfect little composting machine, the Red Wiggler earthworm, has been championed by a new green super hero, Wonder Worman. With the expert help of Wonder Worman and her trusty sidekicks, any citizen can now do his or her part to reduce landfill waste. Why throw away those kitchen scraps when Wonder Worman and her army of Red Wigglers can convert that trash into treasure?

Start a worm bin now in your garage or greenhouse, and harness the super compost-making power of the Red Wigglers all winter long. Come spring, you'll have a bin full of rich, natural compost for flower or vegetable gardens.

Don't have a worm bin? Never fear, Wonder Worman can give you easy-to-follow plans to build one from commonly available materails and a few simple tools. For details, contact Wonder Worman's unassuming alter-ego, Laurie the Red Wiggler Merchant at 541-390-7610, or go to her temporary website for an email link:

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