Friday, October 5, 2007

catering that doesn't break the bank

Cost-Conscious Catering For Meetings & Events Added to Menu

(BEND, OR) Affordably feeding a business or family gathering can be a
daunting task. Serving delicious food that makes everyone happy can be
tricky, and traditional catering services can be expensive. Several
local businesses recently discovered a new way to offer great food at
meetings and events without breaking the bank.

Therapeutic Associates, Old Mill Mortgage and Dana Signs are among
those who have recently fed crowd-pleasing meals to groups of 10 to
120-plus with help from Entrees Made Easy's new catering service.

"We used Entrees Made Easy for a surprise luncheon for an employee's
25-year anniversary," says Marsha Bechtold, Therapeutic Associates.
"The food was beautifully prepared, it was very tasty, and the service
was awesome. It's a good value."

For about the same cost per serving as fast food, Entrees Made Easy
prepares hors d'oeuvres, entrees, side dishes and desserts from fresh
ingredients in its restaurant kitchen. Then, it delivers, sets up,
serves the group and cleans up the mess.

During the summer, Old Mill Mortgage helped host an Oregon Association
of Mortgage Professionals event. "We estimated 45 people would attend,
and we got 120-plus. Entrees Made Easy really came through in a pinch,"
says Shelly Ann Turner of Old Mill Mortgage. "The food was delicious,
prepared on the spot, and got good reviews from members."

Although preparing ready-to-cook dinners for busy families remains the
focus at Entrees Made Easy, the catering service has provided an
opportunity for entirely new groups of people to experience the quality
of the food and service first-hand.

"We used Entrees Made Easy for our Chamber ribbon cutting, and budget
was an issue," says Judy Grenfell of Dana Signs. "They showed up with
everything, it was very reasonable and the food was great."

Besides business functions, company meetings, celebrations, seminars
and parties, Entrees Made Easy can also add a special touch to other
group get-togethers. Reunions, clubs, neighborhood parties, showers,
weddings and other occasions can offer friends, family and guests great
tasting, affordable food.

For pricing and menus, call Entrees Made Easy at 317-4159.

Media Contact:
Harold Olaf Cecil, Ad HOC, 541-815-9829

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