Friday, October 19, 2007

New Project: Carol Sternkopf Photography

There's something magical about a great portrait. It takes a keen eye and superb artistic vision to create one that rises above the mundane. From the Dutch masters' oil paintings to Annie Liebowitz's celebrity photographs, the most arresting people-pictures capture something of the essence of the individual and their personality. A simple gesture, a moment of completely candid emotion, a setting, an object, an article of clothing - small details bring portraiture to life.

I'm currently collaborating with Carlos Perez at Perez design on a website update for Bend-based photographer Carol Sternkopf. Carol is a truly gifted portrait photographer. Her formal fine arts training in drawing shines through the lens of 20 years experience as a pro shooter.

Of course, Carol shoots more than portraits - fine art photography, photo illustration and editorial work are well represented in her portfolio. And it all glimmers with the touch of an artist's hand.

Now, if I can help convey some of that magic in the website . . .

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