Thursday, July 31, 2008

august @ thump

ART: Michael J. Caligure Photography (throughout August)

Michael J. Caligure, a full-time Bend firefighter since 1982, exhibits images of professional Bend Fire & Rescue firefighters during training and local emergencies in his August photography exhibition this month. Having the experience of both a photographer and a firefighter, Caligure depicts first-hand the energy, emotion and magnificent blaze of the fire scene, while documenting the heroes who risk their lives everyday for our community.

The exhibition at thump is a personal statement of Caligure’s career and his enthusiasm for depicting firefighters in action on the scene. Caligure’s photography tells stories of the personal tests, experiences and conquests in the life of a firefighter.

In this exhibition, Caligure’s subject is firefighters in action, however Caligure also enjoys capturing images relating to everyday life and important landmarks in one’s own journey. “My passion for photography began around 1979 when I purchased my first camera,” Caligure says. “ I enjoy outdoor activities, so many of my photographs consist of landscapes and aerials.” His body of work also includes portraits and sporting events.


Thumpology: Coffee Blends - A Different Story

July’s Thumpology explored the seasonality of coffee harvesting and how, like eating fresh produce when it’s in season, drinking coffees brewed from newly harvested beans is a more flavorful and enjoyable experience. Some coffeehouses — like thump — feature ever-changing drip coffee offerings that reflect what coffees have been recently harvested around the world. As mentioned last month, coffee blends have a different story to tell.

If you visit a coffeehouse and notice the same blend of beans being served throughout the year, the coffee roaster might use the same beans each time to create that blend (for example, a combination of Guatemalan, Indonesian and Brazilian). Those green beans might be up to a year old — the time passed since the last harvest.

Here’s a different scenario: Throughout the year, the roaster uses different, newly harvested beans in the blend and recreates a consistent flavor for the blend. For example, thump uses Stumptown Coffee Roaster’s Hair Bender Espresso Blend 365 days of the year. It’s Stumptown’s challenge to maintain a consistent flavor profile in this blend using an ever-changing selection of coffees.

Stumptown continually explores the body, complexity, acidity and flavor compatibility of their coffees. Each coffee that makes up the blend is roasted separately to develop its individual flavor profile so it will be optimally compatible with the other beans in the blend as well as to address its unique physical aspects, such as bean size, density, and moisture content (see past thumpologies on roasting). The beans are then blended together at the proper ratio to maintain that beautifully complex flavor that keeps us all coming back for more.

If you strip away the milk and flavorings and just taste the espresso, you’ll appreciate that this blend is dynamic and changing subtly and tantalizingly throughout the year because of its ever-changing “ingredients” — but it’s consistently delicious! To blend well without taking the beans to a dark roast, which effectively roasts out the flavors of the individual beans, is a true art. Three cheers for a great blend and a talented roaster!


CUPPING: Sunday, August 10 (NOT the third Sunday this month!) 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Cuppings are usually the third Sunday of the month at 1:30pm - get details at our website and by subscribing to our email newsletter.


Traditional Cappuccino Happy Hour Fridays, 2:30pm to close
Join us every Friday for a celebration of the classic Italian espresso concoction, the Traditional Cappuccino. During TradCap Happy Hour — or Cappy Hour, if you will — enjoy half-priced traditional espresso drinks, dopios, macchiatos, and traditional cappuccinos. Many people have never ventured to try these delightful little drinks. No syrup, no chocolate, just espresso and perhaps a small embrace of milk steamed to sweet, velvety perfection!

Gratis Grounds Make Killer Compost
Thump has wonderful organic and sustainably grown coffee grounds available for composting and worm bins. Coffee grounds' very jagged microscopic surface area helps speed up the breakdown of the biomass being composted. Call 388-0226 to arrange a pick-up time for your coffee grounds.


ART: Mark Bernahl's “Wishes” Installation (ongoing)
Grab a plank and let everybody know your heart's fondest desires. From the absurd to the profound, the Wishes reveal the full range of human concerns and humor. Artist Mark Bernahl will continue rotating newly minted wishes into the existing installation.

First Friday August: The Brothers Wachs

My friends David and Andrew Wachs are doing a show together (finally!) in August and September at the "tbd loft." Here's my shortened, edited version of the press release sent by the gallery, plus some of David's paintings and Andrew's sculptures that will be hanging for the show. Dave and Andy are the real deal - be sure to take a look. And even better: Bring your checkbook. -hoc

First Friday August: The Brothers Wachs

(Bend, OR) Beginning Friday, August 1, the sculptures and paintings of Andrew Wachs and David Wachs will be on display at tbd loft. The show opens with a First Friday reception from 5 – 9 p.m. and runs through September.

Painter David Wachs has lived in Oregon most of his life. For the last 14 years he has lived in the same house in Tumalo. “I have never lived in one place as long as I have here,” commented David. “Working in a converted dairy barn on our property is a dream come true for me.”

During art school at Montana State, David made a lifelong commitment to the landscape as subject matter and has faithfully retained this approach to content. He is inspired by the places he is so lucky to visit. Canyons, mountains, sage covered hills, basalt cliffs/breaks and dry deserts are the impressions that become my work. “I know when I see a painting I will do in the countryside,” explained David. “I bring those emotions back to my studio to create images.”

Andrew Wachs is a metal artist who lives and works in Bend, Oregon. The landscape and color fields of central Oregon continually inspire Andrew. and Much of his work is representative of my many travels from Bend to Portland. Andrew’s most recent works are in Bend’s new roundabout located at Bond and Wilson in the Old Mill District as well as a public sculpture in Northwest Crossing.

The work exhibited at tbd loft will represent a broad perspective of Andrew’s recent work. Andrew works primarily in steel and the exhibit at tbd loft is a study of composition and form.

tbd loft is located at 856 NW Bond Street, Suite 2 above Norwalk Furniture, in downtown Bend, Oregon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bistro Corlise: New Happy Hour + Sparkling Wine Day

This just in from Allison at Bistro Corlise! -hoc

New Happy Hour
Bistro Corlise is now offering happy hour from 5 to 6:30, Wednesday through Sunday. Specials include selected appetizers and house wines by the glass for $5 each. A great introduction to French cuisine and wine!

National Sparkling Wine Day
Did you know that the third Saturday in August is National Sparkling Wine Day? Come join us for bubbles and smiles on August 16th. We will be pouring champagnes and sparkling wines by the glass and pairing them with specially prepared small plates. This will be an informal event, starting at 5pm. Don't miss out!

More details:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

8/7: Help COTA + FootZone Build Trails

Just in from colleague Amy Clark. COTA's not just about mountain bikers! -hoc

Event date: Thursday, August 7, 5:30 pm

Trail work take two! With no national holiday looming, you have a slightly shorter list of excuses not to come out and build some trails with COTA and FootZone. FootZone has teamed up with the trail building gurus at COTA (Central Oregon Trail Alliance) for some evening trail building sessions. The work will be done at Wanoga Snow Park for the new trail system going in.

Meet at the FootZone at 5:30pm on August 7 so we can head up to Wanoga togther for some trail building fun. RSVP with Dave if you can: Bring some work gloves, water, long pants, some sturdy footwear, and a Can-Do attitude.

Tell your friends, parents, kids, crazy uncles, and the weird neighbors down the street. The more people we have the more trail gets built. No prior trail-building experience necessary.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KPOV Community Radio Awarded Full Power Permit by FCC

Just in from KPOV. -hoc

KPOV Starts to Gear Up for Transition from 2 watts to 13,500 watts

When KPOV commenced programming on June 25, 2005, we wanted to offer the community an audio outlet, a gathering place for voices, music, thoughts, and political discourse seldom or rarely heard on the airwaves in Central Oregon. We strive each and every day, every show, every minute to entertain, educate and engage our community through low-powered, high quality radio in Bend.

Now, a little more than three years later, KPOV has the rare opportunity to achieve an even more ambitious goal!

The FCC recently granted KPOV a construction permit to build a full-power community radio station broadcasting at 13,500 watts! We now have three years to secure the funding, build the infrastructure and develop even better programming line up than we have today.

How will you and our community benefit?

- A more powerful signal will alleviate the reception issues many in Bend currently face with our low-power signal. In addition, residents in surrounding central Oregon communities will also be able to receive our signal.
- KPOV intends to offer an even greater presence in the community, from broadcasting and appearing at festivals and events to live election and political coverage to continuing to develop our web presence.

We will begin planning the transition to full-power later this year, with the help of community radio consultants and staff at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. We'll keep you posted along the way and will ask for your input as we move forward.

Click here to Learn More

7/23: Public Comment on BLM/OR Dept. of State Lands Swap

Just in from ONDA. -hoc

Dear Harold Olaf,

The Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) has applied to acquire and develop over 1,500 acres of public land near Deschutes Market Road from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The DSL plans to sell these lands which may then be re-zoned to allow for commercial, industrial or residential use.

BLM information on the DSL Land Transfer and link to comment forms

A public meeting will be held July 23rd 7pm-8:30pm at the Pilot Butte Elementary School, 1501 NE Neff Road, Bend Oregon. Please show up to share comments with the BLM about these important lands.

Comments can also be e-mailed to or submitted to: BLM, DSL Selection; 3050 NE Third Street; Prineville, OR 97754.

Here are some important points to consider in your comments:

1) The DSL should acquire lands from the BLM to fund the Common School Fund and resolve the federal government’s land debt to the state of Oregon; however, these lands should fit into future development plans of Deschutes County and the City of Bend. The lands currently identified by the DSL are currently zoned for farm use and are located outside of Bend’s current and projected Urban Growth Boundary (UGB).

2) The lands selected by the DSL have been identified as "Area of Critical Environmental Concern" because the Historic Huntington Wagon Trail bisects this area. The area was also deemed appropriate for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

3) The lands selected by the DSL also contain old-growth juniper stands and associated sensitive wildlife.

4) The Upper Deschutes Resource Management Plan, completed by the BLM in 2005, classified this land as Z1. These are lands that the BLM planned to conserve due to their significant resource values. The DSL could and should select lands with limited resource values (i.e. those categorized by the BLM as Z2 or Z3 lands).

5) The BLM has limited funds to manage millions of acres of public land in Oregon. Because the DSL has selected lands that have significant conservation and resource values, the BLM will need to undertake a costly amendment to their recently-adopted Resource Management Plan. The DSL should cover the costs incurred in this process and for necessary compliance under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).


Read about important ONDA court victory requiring BLM to consider wilderness:
story from Oregonian
ONDA's response

Get more info about the Oregon Natural Desert Association.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Commute Options Moves Into New Offices — By Bicycle

Volunteers Needed For Human-Powered Moving

EVENT DATE: Friday, August 1

(Bend, OR) Commute Options for Central Oregon, the local nonprofit committed to promoting choices that reduce the impact of driving alone, is moving offices — and doing it with bicycles. On Friday, August 1 Commute Options needs volunteers to help make the move via biking, walking, running or any other human-powered mode of transportation. Commute Options is excited to move their offices into the new 919 Bond Street building.

“We’re doing Move By Bike to have some fun, save some money and to raise public awareness about the importance of carpooling, biking or walking,” says Jeff Monson, Commute Options’ executive director. “Volunteers will get a chance to help with the move, tour the new building and be rewarded with refreshments.”

Volunteers should meet at 10:00 a.m. at Commute Options' current location (155 NW Irving Ave. in Bend). Bicycle trailers needed. To sign up and get details, contact Commute Options at 541-330-2647, or go to

Friday, July 18, 2008

4 Peaks Music Festival: Ticket Discount Extended, Festivarian #4

(Bend, OR) In order to include more of the Bend-area community, 4 Peaks Music Festival has extended its Early Bird discount tickets which includes both festival days and camping. In addition, single-day tickets now can be purchased separately at a reduced rate. This is a great opportunity to save money on tickets and experience the warp and woof of the 4 Peaks Music Festival.

Journalist Amy Clark recently described 4 Peaks Music Festival: "A two-day music festival that’s kid-friendly, offers room for snoozing and has a breathtaking backdrop is rare these days . . ."

For tickets click here, or visit Ranch Records on NW Wall St. in downtown Bend.

Also, check out the latest edition of the Festivarian newsletter, which profiles 4 Peaks Music Festival artists Poor Man's Whiskey, Flowmotion and local act Brent Alan.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Portfolio: Coriant Business Workflow Solutions

Working in collaboration with Carlos Perez at Perez design, we branded and named this new Bend-based, business-to-business print and workflow solutions provider. Headed by Gale Slaughter, an industry pro with nearly 30 years of experience, Coriant is an outsource partner for all manner of printed and promotional materials, as well as a comprehensive suite of online workflow management tools. The company serves customers in all industries, but it focuses on the education, finance and health care markets.

Our biggest challenge was concisely communicating the essence of a company whose products and services encompass such a broad spectrum. The Coriant name is a neologism derived from "core" business functions and the "reliant" relationship the company builds with customers.

Phase I of the company website just launched: Scott Donnell of Donnell Design produced the Flash animation for the homepage. The site is set-up to take advantage of the open-source content management system, Joomla, which gives the client a web browser-based interface to easily update and manage the site's copy and graphic content, as well as to dynamically add or delete pages to and from the navigation.

Side note: Perez design, Donnell Design and Ad HOC are all now sharing an office space in downtown Bend. Although we all continue to work independently with our own individual clients, sharing the space facilitates collaboration on projects and offers clients a single location to access a variety of services: branding, marketing, copywriting, advertising, public relations, graphic design and web development.

4 Peaks Music Festival: Updated Band Schedule

Read on for the updated band schedule for the two day festival July 25-26.

(Poor Man's Whiskey playing at last year's 4 Peaks Music Festival)

Friday, July 25

Rockin' A Ranch Stage (Main)

12:35-1:25 State of Jefferson
2:25-3:05 Brent Alan
4:45-6:15 Blue Turtle Seduction
7:35-9:20 Hot Buttered Rum
9:45-11:30 Zilla

Tumalo Stage (Mini)
11:00-12:00 Opener TBD
12:00-12:25 North Channel
1:35-2:15 The Mostest
3:15-4:35 Acorn Project
6:25-7:25 Poor Man’s Whiskey
9:20-9:30 Poor Man’s Whiskey

Saturday, July 26
Rockin' A Ranch Stage (Main)

10:00-10:45 Blackstrap
11:55-12:55 Moon Mountain Ramblers
2:15-3:30 Flowmotion
5:00- 6:25 Poor Man’s Whiskey
8:05- 10:00 Tea Leaf Green
10:30- 11:30 Everyone Orchestra

Tumalo Stage (Mini)
10:55-11:45 Rising Tide
1:05-2:05 The Grain
3:45-4:55 Izabella
6:35-7:55 Delta Nove
10:05-10:25 The Erins

For details, visit Two-day and single-day festival passes are available at Ranch Records on NW Wall St. in downtown Bend or on the web.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oregon Natural Desert Association Responds to Landmark Court Decision

Just received this from Brent Fenty at ONDA. -hoc

Ninth Circuit Orders Bureau of Land Management to Evaluate Wilderness Values on Public Lands

PORTLAND, ORE. ⎯ The Bureau of Land Management must rewrite its land use plan for southeast Oregon due to a landmark decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday. The BLM wrongly refused to evaluate impacts to wilderness values on the public lands in the challenged plan, according to the decision, which overturned a district court decision upholding the plan.

The ruling will have a profound impact on BLM’s management of the public lands it is charged with protecting. The court specifically rejected BLM’s disavowal of “the very idea of wilderness” as one of many resources and values for which the agency must manage. Finding that the law, including BLM’s own guidance documents, unmistakably requires BLM to analyze impacts to a landscape’s wildernessvacated the plan and ordered BLM prepare a new plan.

“Within this remote, wild area lies some of our nation’s most important roadless areas,” said Brent Fenty, executive director of the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) in Bend. “The court’s ruling validates the position we have taken with BLM from the very start. It is incumbent upon our federal land managers to ensure that these special places get the protection they so richly deserve. Now, BLM must go back and actually evaluate how to protect these remarkable areas of desert wilderness.”

The plan, the Southeastern Oregon Resource Management Plan (SEORMP), governs the federal agency’s management of about 4.6 million acres of public land, mostly in vast Malheur County. It is to guide BLM’s management of some of the most treasured landscapes in Oregon, including the Owyhee Canyonlands, for the next 20 years. The bulk of the lands to be managed under the plan are comprised of fragile high desert and sagebrush steppe.

In addition to its wilderness ruling, the court agreed with ONDA that BLM had not considered reasonable alternatives for off-road vehicle use. Less than 0.5% of the area is closed to damaging ORV use. In its analysis leading up to the plan, BLM never even considered closing more than a fraction (0.8%) of the planning area to ORVs. In fact, every alternative BLM considered would have further reduced the area currently closed to ORVs. Similarly, less than 2% of the area is currently off-limits to livestock grazing.

Jon Marvel, executive director of Western Watersheds Project said: “I hope the BLM will take this excellent legal decision to heart and begin to manage our public lands for all American values instead of just destructive uses like motorized recreation and livestock production.”

In its own 2004 wilderness inventory, ONDA found that 1.3 million acres of the planning area, not including existing Wilderness Study Areas designated by BLM in 1980, possess wilderness character. Congress in 1964 defined “wilderness” on the public lands as consisting of large areas that are roadless, essentially natural, and provide outstanding primitive recreational opportunities. ONDA used BLM’s own wilderness inventory manual to conduct its inventory although the Bush Administration has since revoked the manual. The court’s decision rejects the Administration’s disavowal of wilderness values when managing the public lands. ONDA prepared its inventory after the BLM refused to consider wilderness during the agency’s environmental review for the SEORMP.

“This plan was strongly biased toward the continuation of widespread livestock grazing and motorized access over all other uses and resource values—particularly wilderness, a fragile and finite resource whose very existence BLM didn’t want to even acknowledge,” said Mac Lacy, ONDA’s senior attorney, who argued the case before the court last November. “The court’s decision sends a clear message to the Administration that in this, and particularly any other broad-scale plans it wants to push through this year, federal agencies must fully and transparently evaluate wilderness values like any others on our public lands.”

The plaintiffs, the Oregon Natural Desert Association, joined by the Committee for the High Desert and Western Watersheds Project, filed the lawsuit in July, 2003. The Ninth Circuit’s ruling sets aside the SEORMP and now sends the matter back to BLM to prepare a revised environmental review and a new plan that reconsiders its management decisions in light of its obligation to protect wilderness values.

Federal Court Orders BLM to Consider Eastern Oregon Wilderness

From yesterday's Oregonian. -hoc

Court: Ore. land plan should consider wilderness

7/14/2008, 4:12 p.m. PDT

The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Federal appeals judges have told the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to take another look at its plans for about 4.5 million acres in Eastern Oregon — and to consider wilderness values when it does.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday the bureau's plans for the area are too narrow.

The judges say the bureau should include in its management plans areas where grass, sagebrush and juniper are reclaiming unused roads.

And it said the bureau should manage lands with an eye toward preserving their wilderness characteristics — even if they haven't been designated as wilderness areas.

As a result, the appeals court says, the agency must redo a management plan in the works since 1995. That plan, in turn, was a response to a law passed in 1976 that required federal agencies to make plans for the lands under their control.

The suit was brought in 2003 by the Oregon Natural Desert Association. It involves land in three counties, Malheur, Grant and Harney, where the bureau leases extensive tracts of grazing land to ranchers.

The environmental group said the bureau in 1980 compiled an inventory of lands in the area with potential to be declared formally as wilderness areas.

But by the late 1990s, the group said, another 1.3 million acres had become eligible for consideration for wilderness because what once were roads turned into little-used ways, small reservoirs had dried up and land infested by invasive species had been returned to native vegetation.

The bureau, the court said, insisted that its wilderness study ended in 1980 and didn't need to be reopened. A trial judge agreed.

But, the appeals court said, "Wilderness characteristics are not simply a checklist" to be used for a one-time inventory.

Instead, the court said, the bureau is obligated continuously to manage land with wilderness characteristics. It said that even if the Congress hadn't designated such land as wilderness, the bureau could protect it against damaging uses such as mining, grazing and off-road vehicle use.

A spokesman for the bureau, Michael Campbell, said it had not decided whether to appeal.

He said land in Eastern Oregon doesn't change quickly, but, "That said, we're always willing to look at new information."

Representatives of the Oregon Natural Desert Association did not immediately return phone calls.

COTA / Pine Mountain Sports Trail Opportunities

Just got this from Piney. Think of it as buying your mountain biking season pass . . . And trail-building parties are actually a lot of fun and great way to meet kindred spirits. -hoc

Build Trails, Build Character: COTA/Pine Mountain Sports Trail Volunteer Opportunities
Who do you think builds those mountain bike trails - ELVES? Actually, volunteers just like you build and maintain many of the local trails you bike, hike and run on. Why not spend a few hours supporting the local trail system you know and love?

Join a Wednesday trail work party:
July 16th
Aug 20th
Sept 17th

5:30 p.m.: Meet at Pine Mtn. Sports and carpool to the trailhead. Bring work gloves, a hydration pack or water bottle and protective eye wear. Wear long pants and sturdy shoes or boots, and be prepared to get dirty. COTA will supply tools and on-site guidance.

RSVP Pine Mtn. Sports: 541-385-8080.

Friday, July 11, 2008

July at The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith After Dark
Every Friday and Saturday night The Blacksmith transforms into The Blacksmith After Dark. Get your groove on with local DJs, dancing, and a special late night menu. From 10 to close.

Wednesday Tastings: July = Beer
Join The Blacksmith’s own beer connoisseur’s study group in the Anvil Room each Wednesday from 5-7 PM. Sample 5 beers for $10 per person.

Upcoming Beer Tastings include:
7/16: Belgian Beers
7/23: 7% & Above
7/30: IPA

Previous Beer Tastings have included:
Wit Beer featuring German and Belgium beers
Lagers featuring beers from California, Germany, Pennsylvania and Oregon
Local Brews from Central Oregon's finest - Deschutes Brewery, Cascade Lakes Brewing, Bend Brewing Company, Silver Moon Brewing and Wildfire Brewing.

The Local Brews Beer Tasting last month was a "Who's Who" of the Bend-area microbrew industry. Brewmasters from each of the breweries were there, as well as Gary Fish, owner of Deschutes Brewery — a great assembly of connoisseurs and everyday beer lovers.

Ranch Style Sunday
Bring the whole family to the Blacksmith for a Sunday dinner to rival Grandma’s. For $26 per person, we’ll keep passing the meat and potatoes until you say when. Every Sunday, 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Join the B-List

Get exclusive notification of special events at The Blacksmith. Sign-up at

The Blacksmith Restaurant + Bar + Lounge is located on 211 NW Greenwood Avenue in Bend, Oregon.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

july @ thump coffee

Read on for all the goods. Thank you for voting us "Best Coffeehouse" in the Bend Living reader's poll! And don't forget to vote for thump coffee in The Source Weekly's "Best of 2008" addition! Ballots can be found in last week's Source or online. Deadline for submission is this Friday, July 11. Thanks, all you thumperinos! —Kent, Hazel & Finley

Fri. 7/11, Cascade Cycling Classic: Open late til 8:30pm for the Cascade Cycling Classic's stage #4, the Downtown Criterium race. Starts at 3pm - come early and get the best seat for the race.

ART: Anne Hubler Fiber Art - Celebrated Ohio Artist Shows Quilts

Anne Hubler, a well-known Ohio fiber artist whose work is included in the permanent art collections of the White House and the Ohio Governor's Mansion, will exhibit quilts during July. Hubler is the mother of thump owner, Hazel Chapple.

"Her work isn't just patterns or combinations of fabrics. They tell a story. Her work as a fiber artist has helped raise the profile of quilters and other fiber artists," said Judy Mott, executive director of Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District in Dayton, Ohio.

Throughout her career, Hubler has exhibited extensively in Ohio. Three of Hubler's pieces were chosen for inclusion in the Ohio Governor's residence permanent collection. She has received many awards, including a lifetime achievement Special Commendation Award from the Board of County Commissioners and the Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District this year.

For the thump exhibit, only one piece, "Orange Barrels," is a traditional quilt constructed of three layers (surface, batting, backing). The others use a process of hand stitching tiny pieces of fabric on artist's canvas. Hubler says she made this transition in technique because the final pieces are less bulky, easier for transport and exhibition.

View an interview with Anne Hubler from Ohio Public Broadcasting.


thumpology: Coffee Crop Seasonality - Get it While It's Fresh!

Many people don't think of coffee as an agricultural product that, like strawberries, peaches, and cherries, has a specific growing season. When fresh fruit is in season, you're in heaven and you can't get enough of it! When out of season, it's usually a disappointment to eat. Similarly, coffees around the world ripen and are ready for harvest at different times of the year, and a newly harvested coffee is oh so good! Even when stored in its unroasted, green bean state, its flavor changes and ages over time in a not so graceful way.

If you go to a coffeehouse and notice that they offer the same bean year round, (blends are a different subject) with the knowledge that most growing regions have only one or two annual harvests, you might wonder how old that coffee really is, regardless of how recently it's been roasted. The age of the green bean does affect its roasted flavor.

If you look at Thump's whole bean selection, you will notice that it is always changing. A great thing for the flavor adventurer, and a little nerve-racking for the person who wants the same bean every time. Our selection changes because our coffee roaster, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, buys coffees in small quantities when they are at their optimal age for roasting. And to insure freshness, Stumptown rarely buys more than can be consumed within a handful of months.

When the beans are gone, they're gone until the next harvest. When they do come back, we feel like an old friend has returned to us! Two of those friends just returned to Thump, the Guatemala Finca el Injerto, Stumptown's first Direct Trade coffee, and the Panama Carmen Estate, Direct Trade. If you're ready to put your toddy glass down for a minute to try a hot coffee, both of these friends will treat you right!

tour de thump: July 5-27

We'll have a large flat-panel TV set up in the shop, tuned into televised coverage of the 95th Tour de France. Join us every day until the last stage on Sunday, July 27. Click here for the schedule. Caffeine doping is encouraged - viva la tour!

Traditional Cappuccino
Happy Hour Fridays, 2:30pm to close

Starting Fri., July 11 join us every Friday for a celebration of the classic Italian espresso concoction, the Traditional Cappuccino. During TradCap Happy Hour, enjoy half-priced traditional espresso drinks, dopios, macchiatos, and traditional cappuccinos. Many people have never ventured to try these delightful little drinks. No syrup, no chocolate, just espresso and perhaps a small embrace of milk steamed to sweet, velvety perfection!

CUPPING: Sunday, July 20 1:30 -2:30pm

Cuppings are usually the third Sunday of the month at 1:30pm - get details at our website and by subscribing to our newsletter.

Gratis Grounds Make Killer Compost

Thump has wonderful organic and sustainably grown coffee grounds available for composting and worm bins. Coffee grounds' very jagged microscopic surface area helps speed up the breakdown of the biomass being composted. Email us at or call 388-0226 to arrange a pick-up time for your coffee grounds!

Click here to find out more about composting.

Jackalope Grill: Best Fine Dining and Best NW Cuisine

Plus, Cooking Class With Chef Tim and Women Tasting Wine

In Gusto magazine’s “Best Of” reader’s poll, Jackalope Grill has been awarded "Best Fine Dining," and for the second year in a row “Best Northwest Cuisine.” To read the Gusto article click here.

Cooking Class “Jackalope Grill Favorites”
Event Date: Monday, July 21

The Jackalope Grill's Chef Timothy Garling, along with Sous Chef Drew Lloyd, will show how to prepare some of the most popular dishes at the Jackalope Grill. Cost is $50, and payment is due upon registration. Space is limited. For registration and details, call 318-8435.


Women Tasting Wine
Event Date: Monday, July 28

Women Tasting Wine returns to The Jackalope this month for "Summer Sipping Wines" on Monday, July 28 at 4pm. Cost is $45. For more information please contact Diane Sienko at Bend Wine Cellars (388-7564), or go to the Women Tasting Wine website


Coming up in August . . .

The Jackalope Grill will be hosting a winemakers dinner with Walla Walla's Saviah
Cellars (

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oregon Badlands Wilderness: Senate Hearings Begin

Former Deschutes County Commissioner Swearingen Joins Oregon Natural Desert Association for Meetings with Congressional Leadership in Washington D.C.

(BEND, OR) Today in Washington D.C., members of the Senate Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests heard testimony on the Oregon Badlands Wilderness Act (S. 3088), introduced last month by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR). Oregon Natural Desert Association’s executive director Brent Fenty and wilderness coordinator Gena Goodman-Campbell, as well as former Sisters mayor and Deschutes County commissioner Linda Swearingen, submitted testimony at the hearing, and are in Washington this week to meet with key congressional leadership concerning the wilderness bill.

“Protecting the Badlands — the high desert gem in our backyard — just makes good sense,” says Swearingen. “Wilderness areas help boost the local economy, and offer the chance to get away from the rush of our daily lives. And the way Bend is growing, it's important that we protect the Badlands while we still have the chance.”

The Public Lands and Forest Subcommittee also heard testimony on Sen. Wyden’s Spring Basin Wilderness Act (S. 3089), which will protect more than 8,600 acres overlooking the John Day Wild and Scenic River. At the hearing, Senator Smith announced that he would like to cosponsor the bill with Senator Wyden.

“With the overwhelming support behind these wilderness designations, our hope is that these bills will move quickly through committee hearings,” says Fenty. “We salute Senator Wyden for championing these conservation measures, and look forward to working with him and Senator Smith to see the Oregon Badlands and Spring Basin added to America’s National Wilderness Preservation System, forever protected for future generations to enjoy.”

For more about the Oregon Badlands and Spring Basin Wilderness and the Oregon Natural Desert Association, go to

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4 Peaks Music Festival: Band Schedule, Kids' Activities, Live Art and more

(Bend, OR) The bands are finalized, the schedule is updated and the festival is right around the corner. The two day music fest is full of fun events for the whole family with 20 rockin' bands performing on two stages, live artists working on-site and tons of kids' activities including hoola-hooping and story telling. It is going to be an awesome show that you won't want to miss. Here's the info:

:: THE BANDS – Two Days, Two Stages, 20 Bands.
The 4 Peaks Music Festival has finalized its line-up and full schedule, featuring two stages of performances by local acts and national touring bands. The official roster promises great shows for all ages:

(Hot Buttered Rum performing at last year's 4 Peaks Music Festival.)

Friday, July 25
Rockin' A Ranch Stage (Main)
12:35-1:25 State of Jefferson
2:35- 3:25 Brent Alan
4:45- 6:15 Blue Turtle Seduction
7:35- 9:20 Hot Buttered Rum
9:45- 11:00 Zilla

Tumalo Stage (Mini)
11:00-12: 00 Opener TBD
12:15-12:35 North Channel
1:25- 2:25 The Mostest
3:35- 4:40 Acorn Project
6:25- 7:25 Poor Man’s Whiskey
9:20-9:35 Poor Man’s Whiskey

(Poor Man's Whiskey performing at last year's 4 Peaks Music Festival.)

Saturday, July 26
Rockin' A Ranch Stage (Main)
10:00- 10:50 Blackstrap
12:10- 1:15 Moon Mountain Ramblers
2:30- 3:45 Flowmotion
5:00- 6:25 Poor Man’s Whiskey
8:05- 10:00 Tea Leaf Green
10:30- 11:30 Everyone Orchestra

Tumalo Stage (Mini)
11:00- 12:00 Rising Tide
1:25- 2:20 The Grain
3:55- 4:55 Izabella
6:35- 7:55 Delta Nove
10:05- 10:25 The Erins

:: ART
Internationally recognized music interpretative painters VORCAN will be making a stop at this year’s festival. Formed in 2006, VORCAN is a collaboration between two prolific artists, Vort and Cank, who started an art production company and abstract art consulting firm called in Philadelphia. They began collaboratively painting live music of all genres in a variety of venues and events throughout Philadelphia and New York City. Using the music and environment as inspiration, Vort and Cank, create fine art using collaborative imagery. VORCAN has painted over 250 events in The United States and across Europe.

“I can't wait to paint Zilla again at 4 Peaks Music Festival,” says VORCAN’s Chris Cank, “When we painted Zilla before, as the band played musicians throughout the festival began to join in. First Steve Kimock, and then Anahata, Sasha Butterfly Rose, and Lynx. There were other musicians joining in to become the Sonic Bloom Orchestra. The outcome was a waterfall of an incredible soundscape never to be replicated in history.”

Check out VORCAN's art here.

Local artist Chris “Buffalo” Folsom, known for his larger-than-life metal sculpture creations, will also be working on-site at the festival. Folsom, whose work includes strikingly graceful animal sculptures such as his piece titled “Momma Bear and Cubs in Traffic Circle” located in a Madras roundabout, will provide festival-goers with the opportunity to watch first hand as the artist creates innovative and original work.

More about Buffalo Folsom Sculpture.

There are plenty of fun, hands-on activities for the kids and the whole family to enjoy during the festival. Continuing from last year, kids are welcomed to create festival prayer flags which are hung on site at the festival. Fun stations for the kids to play in will be provided by local Bend businesses. such as Gigglybops, Kids Central and others. Storytelling, juggling, poi workshops, water balloons toss contests and black light mural paintings will also be available for kid’s entertainment. Parents and adults can settle in and relax at The Dragon Lounge and have some maté tea, soda, iced coffee, beer, wine, or cocktails while their children have fun hula-hooping with the best, Molly Hogan, and enjoying the kid friendly environment. Here’s the schedule:

Friday, July 25
11am- 4pm: Prayer Flags! Make your mark on the Festival by creating your own prayer flag. There will also be mask making, chalk art and fun crafts for the kids.
12 pm: Juggling & Poi Workshop with Planetary Poi and the Spinsters
1 pm: Kids Central leads Child's Play with Todd LaFrenz and Gigglybops
3 pm: Stilting for the kids, made easy with Mike Reuse from Fireflight

Saturday, July 26
11 am - 4 pm: Prayer Flags! Masks! Paintings and crafts
12 pm: Wand Making Workshop
1 pm: Kids Central leads Child's Play with Todd LaFrenz and Gigglybobs
2 pm: Hula Hoops Workshop with Molly Hogan
3 pm: Hoops Jam takes the dance bowl in the amphitheatre
4pm: Kids Parade through the Venue!


The newest Festivarian newsletter is up with spotlight on bands Zilla and Hot Buttered Rum.

For more information, details and tickets click here or visit Ranch Records on NW Wall St. in downtown Bend.

Show Us Your Spokes Summer Concert Series

Just got this from Jeff Monson, director of Commute Options for Central Oregon: "This is a great partnership with Commute Options and Parrilla Grill. Stop in if you can." -hoc

Show Us Your Spokes Summer Concert Series at Parrilla Grill:

A Benefit for Commute Options for Central Oregon, presented by Deschutes Brewery - Sponsored by 92.7, KPOV, and the Source Weekly

Every Friday July through August from 7-10 pm; Live Local Music, Hosted By Local Businesses Donating Tons of Swag and Killer Raffle Prizes

July 11th Featured Bands The Mostest
This version of The Mostest is made up of songwriter Mark Ransom (electric guitar and vocals), Patrick Pearsall (electric bass and backing vocals), and Nick Papa (drumset). The Mostest plays original, groove-based rock n roll inspired by acts like, the Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead, Phish and the Disco Biscuits among others. For more info about our music check our website and electronic press kit:

The Erins
The duo opening the show for The Mostest is truly amazing. The Erins’ music, stage presence and general vibe is too good to put into words... Sweet, haunting harmonies, soaring fiddle parts and uplifting original song-craft make this sometimes local girl band way better than all the others. Back for the summer from East coast sabbatical, the Erins are ready to deliver the goods!

Hosted by: The Recreation Group
The Recreation Group will raffle off (4) $50 gift cards/certificates that can go toward any activity they offer. The Recreation Group is a one stop shop for all your recreation and makes booking your trips very easy. The website is found at Outfitters that will be using the system this summer include Central Oregon Adventures, Chockstone Climbing Guides, Cog Wild Bicycle Tours, Lava Lands Adventure Tours, Mountain Mopeds, Osprey Adventures, Sun Country Tours, and Sunriver Soaring, and The Truck Stop. Customers can book the following activities; ATV tours, Canoe and Kayak trips, Geocaching, Glider rides, Hummer tours, Mountain Bike tours, Rock Climbing trips, Scenic Flight tours, Skateboarding, Scooter rentals, Waverunner rentals, and White Water Rafting.

Event Summary: Eight week Friday evening concert series, featuring local artists in an eclectic blend of music styles to be held in a private outdoor venue of Parrilla Grill. Concert message will be to encourage walking, biking, and carpooling as an alternative means to transportation. Admission for attendees who have carpooled, walked or biked to the concert $4, slackers$5

All proceeds will go directly to benefit Commute Options for Central Oregon.

The restaurant will be open to the public but the private outdoor concert venue with fenced beer garden will be reserved for 21 and older with separate family seating on the deck, admission fee will be collected upon entry of fenced area. Deschutes Brewery beer will be exclusively sold in the beer garden.

Eight different local businesses will host each concert and provide sweet prizes that will be raffled off on their night. Each admission includes one raffle ticket for prizes given away from the hosting business. Additional tickets can be purchased for $1.

Concert Schedule:
July 11th
The Mostest and the Erins
hosted by The Recreation Group

July 18th
David Bowers Colony
hosted by Westside Ride and Central Oregon Outfitters

July 25th
hosted by TBD

August 1st
Reed Thomas Lawerance
hosted by Skjersaa's

August 8th
Sweet Harlots
hosted by Rising Star

August 15th
Steve Arnold and Friends (Black Strap Boys and more)
hosted by Pine Mt. Sports

August 22nd
Smudge Quartet (jazz band)
hosted by TBD

August 29th
Person People
hosted by Northwest Adventures

Location: Parrilla Grill
14th and Galveston
Bend, OR 97701
Phone 541 788-1639