Tuesday, November 27, 2007

12/8 SPIRAL Foundation Holiday Bazaar

Worthy project. If you're buying holiday gifts, make your dollars make
a difference. -HOC

12/8 SPIRAL Foundation Holiday Bazaar

Saturday, December 8th from 10am to 4pm
Mountain Laurel Lodge – Ponderosa Room
990 Yates Drive, Bend
(541) 350-4159

If you've been to the Spiral Foundation in the past, then you're
already coming on Saturday, no doubt. You already know that everything
for sale is either beautiful or fun, and most of it is both – and also
that by shopping here, you are making the world better.

Consider this: Due to the beautiful baskets and door mats made of
recycled trash that you've bought at Spiral, there is now no more trash
in the Nepalese village of Tippin. No more trash – they have to get
it from neighboring villages to continue their craft, and now the
neighboring villages suddenly find themselves clean as well.

This year there are some silks from Cambodia. The dyes are all
natural, and mostly traditional-except for one unusual gray-brown, made
from boiling the landmines and guns that littered this lad after the
Vietnam War.

Most of the children who receive operations paid for by Spiral need
them because of birth defects tied to Agent Orange. It seems both
fitting and proper that we try to right a few of these wrongs.

The amazing thing is how both easy and wonderful it is to do so.
Everything you buy is made in workshops in Vietnam or Nepal, where the
money is then returned. There are the beautiful scarves, wool and
silk, yak-hair bags and sewing kits. Baskets made from colorful
telephone wire. Slippers, angora gloves and so much more. Join us on
Saturday and make a difference in the world.

Bests to all,
Marlene Hasler and Kathi Antolak
(541) 350-4159


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