Monday, November 5, 2007

Kids Cooking Class Highlights Holiday Candy Making

EVENT DATE: Monday, Nov. 19

Entrees Made Easy Invites Kids Ages 8-14 to Make A Mess In Their Kitchen

(BEND, OR) Kids can live out their Willy Wonka candy-making fantasies in Entrees Made Easy’s upcoming Kids Cooking Class. On Monday, November 19, from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., aspiring chefs ages 8-14 are invited to make a mess in the Entrees Made Easy kitchen (while secretly learning real cooking and nutrition skills).

Each young chef will assemble three ready-to-cook entrees to take home and share with their families. Kids can choose meals from Entrees Made Easy’s regular menu or from a selection of special Thanksgiving side dishes. Lunch will also be served, so parents can take a break to start holiday shopping or simply go out to lunch and relax.

Then comes the candy making. An assortment of holiday chocolates will be explored and enjoyed, including pecan turtles, decorated chocolate-covered Oreo "pops" and other surprises.

The only cost to participate is the purchase of the dinners: $58 for three half entrees (each serves 2-3 adults) or $88 for three full entrees (each serves 4-6 adults). To sign up, go to and select the Bend location.

Kids love to cook. Especially when it’s a fun, interactive experience — and parents aren’t standing over their shoulders complaining about the mess. Kids Cooking Classes provide the opportunity for kids to expand their food preparation skills well beyond cold cereal and microwave popcorn. They learn all the steps of preparing healthy, fresh meals, and then they can proudly share their work by feeding the entire family.

This fun and unique learning experience teaches kids:
• Healthy Eating Guidelines
• Kitchen Safety
• How to Follow Recipes
• Basic Food & Meal Preparation
• Table Manners

For more information, call 317-4159.

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