Friday, September 11, 2009

COTA Trail Alert! South Fork Bridge Construction

COTA Trail Alert! -hoc

COTA Trail Alert
South Fork Bridge Construction

Please be advised the South Fork trail (South Fork of Tumalo Creek) will have Forest Service and COTA crews working on a bridge replacement project Monday through Friday the week of Sept 14th - 18th.

Please avoid the South Fork trail during this time. The work crews will be working with heavy log moving equipment and do not need to be interrupted by trail users. There will also be a short relocation of the trail to better match the flow of the new bridge and given the dry conditions the trail will not benefit from trail users at this time. Please respect this request and use alternate routes in the area.

This project will replace a bridge that is collapsing due to age. The replacement will be done with a single log stringer which will be flattened on top to provide an 18" trail surface. The log will not have a handrail to facilitate riding for those that seek the challenge. This rideability of this bridge was important aspect negotiated and agreed to between the FS and COTA.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Deschutes National Forest and Central Oregon Trail Alliance

Central Oregon Trail Alliance | P.O. Box 555 | Bend | OR | 97709

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