Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Live Fire Training in Redmond, OR

Deschutes River Manufacturing donated time to roll fire hose after the live fire training in Redmond, Oregon on Saturday, April 12. After wearing heavy fire-proof turn-outs all day and breathing through full-face respirators in scorching heat, these firefighters were grateful not to have to roll wet, heavy hose (up to 5-inch LDH) by hand at the end of the day.

Fire departments from throughout Central Oregon participated: Redmond, Sunriver, Crooked River Ranch, La Pine and others. Michelle Alvarado from Wahoo Films documented the training on video, while photographer David Morris shot stills.

These are the photos I took, thanks to the loan of a really nice camera from Carlos Perez of Perez design. These images are available for use with permission and credit. Contact me: Harold Olaf Cecil, Ad HOC : Words + Ideas

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