Monday, March 1, 2010

Pyramid Beach Productions' "Atro-City Sleepers" Selected for 2010 Indie Music Video Festival

My friend and college roommate Douglas Magnuson recently blended his mad art skills (he's an accomplished painter who taught at NYC's School of Visual Arts and traveled the world as an assistant to American modern painting icon Frank Stella) and his filmmaking prowess into a freshly original rock music video for NY band The Netherlands. He also won the Music Video category at this year's Festivus Film Festival in Denver, and this is the latest honor - the first of many more to come. -hoc


"THE ATRO-CITY SLEEPERS" has been selected for the lineup of the 2010 INDIE MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL

an international touring fest that will include:

Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary,Chicago,Montreal, Toronto,Los Angeles,Austin,and St. Catherines and more...

schedule and dates coming soon...

for more info:

d magnuson