Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2/5 First Friday BICA Gallery

BICA Gallery features metal sculptor Andrew Wachs, abstract mixed
media artists JoEllyn Loehr, ALXSw, Craig Davidson and Colleen
Dougherty. 2748 NW Crossing Drive Ste. 130. 541.788.4623 www.bicagallery.com
. First Friday opening reception, February 5, 2010 5-9 pm. Meet the
artists and enjoy drinks and eats.

Wachs is a local designer and fabricator of architectural metal work,
furniture and fine art. For his current body of work, Wachs revisits
his Columnar Basalt inspired relief panel series fabricated from sheet
steel. This new work is derived from the many bands of hanging basalt
he has studied throughout Central and Eastern Oregon.

Loehr will exhibit various bold abstract paintings ranging from
smaller 24x24 works to large scale 48x60 works. Loehr's process is to
allow marks, colors, and shapes to accumulate, be modified, and often
erased by abrasion or layering, and over time, a working surface is
built, destroyed, and rebuilt. There is a balance between finished and
raw, dull and bright, areas of gestural activity and areas
of calm, between grace and awkwardness. ALXSw (Alexis West) will be
exhibiting new abstract mixed media works that are bold in color and
striking in depth. She will also display 3 large paintings that were
shown at the 2009 Biennale de'l Arte Contemponarea, in Florence,
Italy, this past December. She was one of twenty international
artists awarded the President's Award from over 800 participating
artists. Congratulations Alexis! Davidson is a graphic designer and
painter living in the flatlands of Minnesota with his wife and
daughter. His most recent paintings measure from 60 x 60" to 16 x 20"
and are painted in oil and latex on canvas. His working process often
begins in response to an initial series of marks, a field of color, or
the relationship of shapes — all are entry points that generate
content, and expand into more complex imagery that unfolds and
changes. Because of this continual exploration of insertion and
omission, the surfaces of his work become heavily layered which
simultaneously conceals and reveals previously completed compositions,
akin to a pentimento effect. Dougherty will be displaying a
continuation of her metallic and patina series. Her works reflect her
attraction to aged metals that are weathered due to natural elements.
She recreates the aging process on canvas, allowing for patina greens
and blues to react to the metal within the paints, creating depth and

Gallery hours:
Thursday - Saturday 12 - 6 pm and by appointment. Show runs thru the
end of March.

Ride the GREEN ENERGRY BUS between NWX, Downtown and The Old Mill.

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