Thursday, March 12, 2009

3/14 MVHS Band Alaskan Halibut Feed Fundraiser

Here are more details about the Mountain View High School Band fundraiser this Saturday. If possible, please email before the dinner to inquire or order tickets - an advance head-count will help the organizers to be better organized when you get there. Details below from the local fisherman who is making this event - and others - possible (he has asked not to be named here). His family has been fishing the Pacific for generations. -hoc

Thanks Harold. The value of this dinner is a phenom. Six pieces of halibut equates to about 12 oz. of halibut. Each piece will be about 2 oz. (you can buy extra pieces for $1.50 per piece). With halibut going for a minimum $15 to $20 dollars a pound in local stores, this is THE halibut feed (or should I say the only one) of Central Oregon. In fact, there has never been a halibut feed in the last 5/10 years that has this size of portions and value in this area. This will be the start of something unique in this area.

In this economy, food budgeting may get rather tight. It is my intention to bring my FDA-approved seafood productions (salmon, halbiut, crab, cod) to Central Oregon to benefit events and fundraisers and to rally optimism in the community. Maybe others will follow example. OPTIMISM BREEDS CREATIVITY. Negative thoughts breed stagnancy.

As for me, I'm off to the Aleutians in 3 weeks to return Oct./Nov.-ish At that time, I can personally delegate productions for helping the community. Let's see how we can create something together.

Note: It would sure be nice to know how many will show up. Tickets will be sold at the door, but those who purchase tickets in advance will be guaranteed the meal. I will bring plenty of extra along. This is a fish & fries/coleslaw feed that is the first of its kind here. There will be extra available for those that want to purchase after the feed, take home--even rain checked. This will be a great price for those. Possibly 1 to 3 oz. pieces for around $10 per pound.

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