Monday, September 22, 2008

Perez Family Emergency: Courage In The Face of Adversity

Friends & Neighbors -

Many of you may know my friend, creative partner and office mate, Carlos Perez of Perez design. Carlos and I spend almost as much time together - working a few feet apart - as we do with our own families. He and his wife Laurie and their kids Max and Ana are like family to me, Michelle and our kids, who are nearly the same ages. They're simply great people.

On Friday, a terrible accident left Carlos's son Max badly burned. But thanks to Carlos's heroic, speedy and correct reactions (pulling Max to the ground to extinguish the flames, etc.) Max is recovering remarkably well now at the Oregon Burn Center at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland. Carlos has put up a blog to post updates about Max - and for people to leave messages for Max and the Perez family (click here and scroll down to the comments).

If you know Carlos and his family, please post your words of encouragement for brave Max and his family.


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