Monday, June 9, 2008

Tumalo Mountain Backcountry Recreation Zone

Just got this (below) from Mike Riley of reSource/ Environmental Center. I don't have anything against snow machines, but I would like to see Tumalo Mountain better protected, and there are already hundreds of miles of trails for snow machines (you can literally ride almost to Klamath Falls on existing trails). Plus, every backcountry user who spends any time at Tumalo has seen snow machines - or at least the tracks - poaching inside the boundary. -hoc

Greetings friends and fellow snow lovers!


A group of local backcountry skiers and snowshoers is working with the Forest Service to secure a Backcountry Recreation Zone that encompasses all of Tumalo Mountain. If successful, this effort will make all of Tumalo Mountain – including the summit bowl – a non-motorized recreation area.

This discussion has come about in conjunction with the Forest Service’s proposal to build a new snowmobile parking area at Kapka Butte, at the intersection of Century Drive and the road to Sunriver. The Kapka Butte lot would significantly increase the parking capacity for snowmobile users, and result in a marked increase in the number of snowmobiles in the backcountry surrounding the Century Drive corridor.

As recreationists who prefer a quiet, human-powered backcountry experience, our group feels strongly that the Forest Service should compensate for this increase in motorized capacity by designating more area for non-motorized use only. We do not oppose snowmobile use, but feel that segregating motorized and non-motorized areas is the best way to manage conflicts in the backcountry.

This is our best opportunity in years to establish better management on Tumalo Mountain. For this effort to succeed, we need to show the Forest Service that there are a lot of us who think we need more accessible non-motorized winter recreation terrain.

To show your support, please go to and do two things:

1) Sign the online petition; and

2) Add a thoughtful comment to the Forest Service in the comment box.

The site also includes a map of the proposed area, and a statement of rationale recently submitted to the Forest Service.

It is important that we demonstrate support for the Tumalo Mountain Backcountry Recreation Zone NOW. The Forest Service will consider the proposal as part of its deliberations over the Kapka Butte project this Summer. Please take two minutes to add your name to the list, and contribute to this effort to secure a motor-free Tumalo Mountain.

And pass on this email NOW!

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