Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/4 First Friday at BICA

Bend's only gallery devoted exclusively to independent contemporary artists - no "tourist art" here! -hoc


New Exhibit showing thru June 2010, ‘Departure Point’ featuring bold, abstract landscapes by Portland Artist Kentree Speirs. Continuing thru June, ‘Mixed Media’ a collection of paintings by Justyn Livingston and Randy Redfield. First Friday Artist Reception, June 4, 5-8 PM. Come meet the artists and enjoy drinks and eats.

Kentree Speirs paints from an instinctive response to the natural world. The feelings he experiences in wilderness settings act as a compass; as they are dynamic and real. He strives for this aliveness in his art, appreciating the sweeping gestural paint strokes, thickly applied, as much as the thin translucent layering. Organic shapes predominate in a delicate balance of serendipity and intention creating a provocative assemblage of color and form.

Randy Redfield has been collected for over 30 years. His recent paintings titled “New Worlds” are very active renderings mixing the use of oil, acrylic, pencil and spray paint creating a surface full of information about the paint. The compositions all follow the theme of 'places in space' almost planet like shapes following an orbit into their own creation. Some resemble landscape others more of a riotous array of color intersecting with hand drawn lines that create a "quiet but tense moment”

Justyn Livingston approaches a blank panel without any particular imagery in mind. However, there is a particular emotion or impulse upon beginning, which may or may not be carried forward. Through the movement and layering of materials and colors, the painting ‘comes to’ on its own with an underlying meditative quality; an unfettered focus she experiences in this process. It is this unexpected and cathartic exploration which motivates her to paint.

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