Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bend-based Brings Snow Riders One Steezy Deal at a Time

Hardcore Snowboard Brands at Softcore Prices Provides Purchasing Power for the People

Just in time for riding season, Bend's own hucks the summit of steez for people who want killer gear at down-to-earth prices - one steezy deal at a time.

According the Gear Junkie, ", adds an interesting tweak to the mix: It’s an ODAT [one deal at a time] site with a peek at what else is coming up. Plus, viewers have a chance to
determine what goes on sale next."

By working closely with hand-selected core brands – many based in the Pacific Northwest – makes snowboarding affordable to everyone who loves riding with family and friends. is the social way to shop for top-quality snowboard gear – and save big on snowboards, bindings, watches, outerwear, apparel, gloves, goggles and sunglasses.

Here’s how works: Only one product is for sale at any time. A clock indicates the amount of time left, and a counter shows the number of products available in stock for the featured item. When the featured product sells out or runs out of time, it’s replaced by the item at the top of the waiting list. Shoppers can vote for upcoming products, moving them to the top of the list – and into the featured spot. They can also get help from friends to vote an item up. By purchasing consecutive items, shoppers can save even more money by shipping multiple products in their single order. Plus, just like riders share secret powder stashes with their bros and sisters, at they can easily share secret gear slashes.

According to, steez is defined as “a snowboarder term that combines the word ‘Style’ with ‘Ease’ to create the act of doing a trick with style and ease to make it done with super steez. A rider with steez, such as myself, would be referred to as “steezy” whether it be because of his/her sick tricks, gangster aparrel [sic], or watevs.” brands include Airblaster, Anon Sunglasses, Academy Snowboards, Artec Snowboards, Ashbury Eyewear, Atmosphere Outerwear, Automaton Snowboards, Bent Metal, Celtek Gloves, Elm Company, Flux Bindings, GNU, Grenade Gloves, Holden Outerwear, IS Goggles Lib Tech, Lifetime Collective, Nikita Clothing, Nixon Watches, Roxy Snowboards and Union Binding.

“Ride hard. But be kind to your wallet,” says the team.

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