Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vima Lupwa Homes: Latest News from Zambia

Update from Bend's Malerie Pratt about the home for children she
founded in Zambia, supported by the Bend community. -hoc

"Chilya ubwika buletwala kubuyantanshi...umwela nao ulayamba uku
kabililako." A Bemba proverb meaning: "As life goes on weather gets

It is the hot season in the Sub-Sahara Africa and for our children at
the Vima Lupwa Home. Please read our November update and hear the
latest from the Vima home at .

Thanks for your continual support and Happy Thanks Givings,
Our best,

Malerie and Marlena

Vima Lupwa Home
Breaking and Reversing the cycle of poverty

1550 NW Galveston
Bend OR 97701

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