Friday, October 30, 2009

Sculpture Garden, Xeriscaping, Signage Blended at Mother’s Juice Café

See the rest of the sculpture garden images on Mother's Juice Cafe Facebook. -hoc

Sculpture garden? Low-water xeriscape landscaping? Business signage? How about all three? Mother’s Juice Café’s latest contribution to Galveston Avenue neighborhood beautification blends art, sustainability and commerce. Under the shade of a “Mother’s Juice Café” sculptural metal tree flourishes beds of sculptural metal flowers with small placards for Open, Espresso and other simple messages.

Mother’s Juice Café owner Mike Sackin tapped into his landscaping background to collaborate with Bend metal sculptor Andy Wachs at Weld Studio on the modern designs.

“We worked with the Mother’s tree-inspired logo to create a modern sculpture that also serves as signage in an organic way,” says Wachs. “It simulates a tree and plant forms and incorporates local landscapes for a playful, eye-catching blend of signage, garden and art,” Wachs explains.

The signs are constructed of steel and aluminum with traces of patina and rust to blend in with the surrounding Central Oregon desert environment.

Mother’s owners Mike and Janet Sackin, are also committed to supporting the local arts community by providing their venue as a platform for local artist to feature their work monthy.

“With our new sculpture garden emerging out front - we hope the community can be inspired to bring art into any environment,” states Mike Sackin.

Mother’s Juice Café is located on Bend’s west side at 1255 NW Galveston Ave. For details, visit or call 541-318-0989.

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