Friday, June 19, 2009

Vima Lupwa Homes: "Calling for Bras and Undies"

From Vima Lupwa Homes. -hoc

Calling for Bras and Undies

All colors, sizes, materials, you name it- we want it!


In an effort to assist self empowerment of the local women of Mikomfwa, one goal of VLH (Vima Lupwa Homes) is to assist starting up businesses with microloans (of money or goods).
We were recently approached with a unique, creative, easy and inexpensive idea of setting up a small business at the local market, where there is a need for women's undergarments - this would make a very successful business. We thought "Why not have a undie campaign?"
So please ladies, check your closets and drawers, then send or bring any clean and functional extras, if possible by July.

Also, please remember our garage sale is tomorrow at 440 NW Congress St, Bend from 8:30-3:30. At this time we are also collecting art supplies, medical gloves, toothpaste, bandaids, medical tape (for the local clinic) and bicycle gear (for our bike shop).

Natotela Sana~Thank you.


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