Friday, May 22, 2009

Sea Captain Kirk's Alaskan halibut is here!

Any one who's a regular at Thump Coffee has probably met Capt. Kirk,
whose family has been fishing in Alaska for 100 hundred years. He's up
there fishing now, and Duncan is selling "fisherman direct." They also
have a killer deal for nonprofits who want to do fundraisers. Fish on!

I can make your Memorial Day weekend even better!

Halibut caught last week is in and I have it here now. Think of it,
fish & chips, saute', fettuchine, halibut kebobs, and the list goes on.

I have 10 pound boxes of 1-3 ounce boneless/skinless filets for $10.49
a pound or step up to 20 pounds and the price drops to $9.99. That is
delivered to your door or place of business. If 10 pounds is too much,
then I have a scale and baggies to split it up on the spot.

Also available are Halibut sticks which are about the size of a large
hot dog. They are spicy with a light Jalapeno flavoring. These are
really tasty and all you need to do is sauté in olive oil. The price
is the same as filets.

As always, please pass this on to people that love seafood at
"fisherman direct" prices!

Precious Cargo Taxi Company
Alaskan Seafood sales and delivery
Duncan & Kim Laing
Phone cell 541-420-9369

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