Thursday, January 8, 2009

ONDA: Comment on OHV use in John Day Management Plan

The Oregon Natural Desert Association is encouraging people to chime in and let the BLM know how they would like to see the John Day Basin managed (see below). Public comment is your best opportunity to make your wishes known - don't spectate, participate! -hoc


Tell the BLM to prioritize primitive recreation activities that don't spoil the land, like hiking, hunting, horseback riding and fishing.

There are only 24 days left to comment on the BLM's draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the entire John Day Basin.

As the second longest undammed river in the Continental United States, the John Day River is one of the best remaining habitats for wild anadromous runs of salmon and steelhead. The area also provides ample opportunity for recreation, such as fishing, rafting, hiking, hunting and horseback riding.

Please tell the BLM that Off-highway vehicle use in the John Day Basin is a major concern, as it contributes to riparian vegetation damage, bank erosion, soil compaction, water pollution, and other negative ecological impacts.

Let the BLM know that you are opposed to implementation of Alternative 3 in the draft RMP, which would designate two "no-limits" OHV zones adjacent to Sutton Mountain WSA and Rudio Mountain proposed WSA.

The Resource Management Plan should eliminate OHV use from the following lands:

  • Any lands that have been identified as having wilderness qualities and all adjacent public lands.
  • All ONDA citizen-inventoried public lands deemed to have wilderness character.
  • All designated WSAs and Wilderness areas.
  • Tell the BLM why the John Day Basin is important to you and that improved management of OHV travel is crucial to protecting native deserts.
For more information on the John Day RMP CLICK HERE
To comment about OHV use in the John Day Basin CLICK HERE

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